Enabling and adding to the Bookmarks Bar in Safari for iPad [How To]



By having an iPad, you now have the internet in your hands (and probably on your couch), at least according to Steve Jobs. But are you wishing you had a bookmarks bar like in regular Safari? After reading this quick guide you soon will.

Enabling the Bookmarks Bar in Safari

To get the bookmarks bar to show in Safari for iPad, you first need to enable it in Settings.

1. Open the Settings application on your iPad’s Home screen.
2. Select Safari from the left sidebar.
3. Just under AutoFill you should see Always Show Bookmarks Bar; Set that to ON.

Enable the Bookmarks Bar

Now you will see the Bookmarks Bar in Safari. Now let’s add some bookmarks to that spanking new bookmarks bar.

Adding to the Bookmarks Bar

4. Go back to your home screen and open the Safari app. Surf to one of your favorite sites. Tap on the + (Plus Symbol) located to the left of the  Address Bar.

Click on the + (Plus Symbol)
5. Now go ahead and tap Add Bookmark. You should now see an option to edit the description. Look below that to where it says Bookmarks. Tap on that.

Tap on Bookmarks.
6. You should now see a check mark next to Bookmarks. Tap on Bookmarks Bar to change the selection.

Tap on Bookmarks Bar.
7. You’ll be sent back to the initial Add Bookmark window. Now when you tap Save, the bookmark will be saved to your bookmarks bar. Voila!

It’s that easy. Now you can save your favorite sites to your bookmarks bar. Be aware that saving to the Bookmarks Bar will be the default way to add a bookmark unless you go back in and change the selection back to just Bookmarks. Happy browsing!


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  • Guest

    My iPad2 doesn’t have a + next to the address bar, so……..

  • Verleen Wonderly

    Tap the little box, with the arrow swooping out of it, that’s next to the address bar and the option will pop up.

  • Sonniewinfree02

    I have activated bookmarks bar in safari, for my ipad2, but it is still not showing up. Any ideas?

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