Samsung’s new ads mock iPhone wall huggers in real life


Samsung is taking its wall hugger shaming marketing campaign to the airport this week, with new ads plastered over electrical outlets that draw in battery-drained iPhone users with the promise to quench their thirst for a little more power.

Touting the Ultra Power Saving Mode on the Galaxy S5, CNET reports that the ads will pop up at JFK International as well as O’Hare and Midway in Chicago, and they’ve included a subtle jab at Apple’s latest ad campaign.

The ad includes the line “So you have the power to be anywhere but here” which could be a little ribbing at Apple’s “you’re more powerful than you think tagline” that’s been the focus of its recent iPhone 5s campaign.

Apple is expected to make at least modest improvements to battery life with the iPhone 6, and is adding a black and white mode to iOS 8 to increase battery performance if needed. Samsung released the Galaxy S5 in February with its new Ultra Power Saving Mode that turns the display black and white. It also disables LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when battery life is lower than 10% in order to extend standby time.

The ads are starting to roll out this week and could be expanded to more airports if successful, which will probably require some Samsung users to pony up the charging table as well.

First person to tweet us a pic of you charging up a Galaxy S next to a wall hugger ad gets a free Cult of Mac beer cozy.

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