5 iOS tips that will help maximize your storage space

5 iOS tips that will help maximize your storage space

We all enjoy stuffing our iOS devices with enough movies, music, photos, and other content to keep your iPhone entertainment system pumping for decades, but overtime your device can get too full.

New games, songs and even an iOS update can put users in quite the dilemma about where to trim some gigs of fat. Luckily when not wanting to part ways with your favorite iOS content there’s other convenient ways to free up more storage space.

Today’s video takes a look at 5 tidying tips that can free up more storage on your iOS device for when you need it most. Uncover how to manage your storage, address the dreaded “other” space on your device and find even more by simply using these tips.

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  • Kris Brand

    Everytime i watch one of these i feel like i might actually learn something new. Never happens…

    • hockeyplace

      You are so wrong. Reading all this, i learned something . what you just wrote is absolutly true :-/

  • Mediocre

    Thanks for is Joshua, I learnt something, ignore the haters and keep up the good work :)

  • DinaPraestant

    I’m sure it’s helpful. Why can’t I be trusted to read this? Video is a waste of time.

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