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5 iOS tips that will help maximize your storage space



We all enjoy stuffing our iOS devices with enough movies, music, photos, and other content to keep your iPhone entertainment system pumping for decades, but overtime your device can get too full.

New games, songs and even an iOS update can put users in quite the dilemma about where to trim some gigs of fat. Luckily when not wanting to part ways with your favorite iOS content there’s other convenient ways to free up more storage space.

Today’s video takes a look at 5 tidying tips that can free up more storage on your iOS device for when you need it most. Uncover how to manage your storage, address the dreaded “other” space on your device and find even more by simply using these tips.

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What iOS 7 Should Borrow From iTunes 11: Colorful Album Views!



This is a fantastic idea. When Apple overhauled iTunes in the latest version, they did something pretty with Album View, so that the color of the Album View was matched to the dominant color in that album’s artwork.

It’s a nice effect, and as Reddit user Bostonlbi has shown, it looks even prettier on iOS 7, especially if you change the color of the rest of the interface elements with the second and third most dominant colors. Come on, Apple! It’s not too late to take this idea and run with it!

iTunes 11.04 Update Squashes Some Majorly Annoying Bugs



A few weeks after the 11.03 release the brought iTunes a redesigned MiniPlayer comes iTunes 11.04, an incremental bug-fixing update that fixes a problem that can cause iTunes to quit if you switch between wired and wireless syncing, and an issue where the iTunes Store keeps on asking you to login to your account ad infinitim.

You can grab the update through Software Update or the Mac App Store now.

Mastering iTunes: Find and Delete Duplicate Songs On Your Mac [OS X Tips]


iTunes Duplicate Items

One of the changes in iTunes 11, which debuted in November of last year, was the loss of a “find all duplicates” feature that was really handy for finding and deleting duplicate files in our rather voluminous iTunes libraries. Luckily, Apple re-included the feature in the latest version of iTunes 11, version 11.0.1. Here’s where to find it, and how to use it to help yourself clean up that iTunes library.

Our Editor’s Picks For 2012’s Best Mac Apps [Feature]



Nearing the end of 2012, Cult of Mac has peered through the clouds of 2012 to take a look back at the best Mac Apps of 2012. While most of the popular Mac Apps continued to evolve and refine their features, a number of newcomers have sprouted up with new features and even better designs. There were some terrific releases this year that were are well worth your money, but here are the 10 best Mac Apps of 2012.

Use The Latest Version of iTunes To Find and Delete Duplicate Songs [OS X Tips]


Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 6.20.37 PM

iTunes 11 came with several changes, many of which we detailed in our iTunes 11 Tips feature a couple of weeks ago.

One of the changes made was the loss of a “find all duplicates” feature that was really handy for finding and deleting duplicate files in our rather voluminous iTunes libraries. Luckily, Apple re-included the feature in the latest version of iTunes 11, version 11.0.1

iTunes 11 Gets First Update With “Show Duplicate Items” And Bug Fixes


iTunes 11 icon

Apple released iTunes 11 about two weeks ago, and now the software’s first update has been released in the Mac App Store. iTunes 11.0.1 brings back the ability to find duplicate items in a library. Apple excluded the feature in the first version of iTunes 11, but the company promised to add it back in a future update.

Besides the ability to display duplicates, Apple has included some bug fixes for iTunes Match, AirPlay and multiple stability improvements.

Use These Sweet Keyboard Shortcuts To Control iTunes 11 [OS X Tips]


iTunes 11 Media Shortcuts

So, now that you’re becoming quite the iTunes 11 power user, it’s time to take that one final step: keyboard shortcuts.

Everyone knows that using the mouse when there’s a keyboard shortcut to be had is tre uncool. I’ve been on some friends’ case for years to get them to actually use Command-C and Command-V to cut and paste their text, sometimes to no avail.

But not you, no. You’re a power user in training. You’re ready to control iTunes 11 with the power of the keyboard. Here’s a few of them to get you started.

Find The Download Manager Again In iTunes 11 [OS X Tips]


Tunes 11 Downloads Manager

Look, iTunes 11, I love you and all, but where’s all my stuff? First I needed to figure out the Up Next thing, retool my Search habits, figure out how to make a Genius playlist again, and now I can’t even find the Downloads window. What gives?

If you’re in the same boat, we’re here to help. If you have re-enabled the Sidebar, you’ll notice that there’s no way to click on Downloads any more. Even when there’s a download happening. Here’s the thing: the Downloads window will never be there. iTunes 11 has moved it. Here’s how to find it again.

Apple’s Pandora-Like Service Is Nowhere Near Being Completed [Rumor]



Apple released iTunes 11 last week, and it’s a step in the right direction. Its interface is cleaner and easier to use than previous versions, but what Apple fans have really been wanting for the past couple years is an unlimited music streaming service akin to Rdio, Spotify, or Pandora.

Rumors surfaced earlier this year that Apple is working on a Pandora-like radio service backed by iTunes’ huge music catalog. Some hoped Apple would introduce the service before the end of the year, but a new report claims that the new streaming service is nowhere near to being complete.

Find Your Genius Playlists Again In iTunes 11 [OS X Tips]


Genius Playlists iTunes 11

Reader James H. contacted me today, asking, “Now perhaps you can you tell me how to make the Genius work the way it used to? I don’t even know how to make a new Genius playlist build now.”

As you may have noticed, iTunes 11 has switched a few things around. One of them is how the Genius playlists work. Previously, once you started a Genius playlist, you could save it as a stand-alone playlist, or you could replace it with the next Genius list you created. That’s a bit different now in iTunes 11.

Change The iTunes 11 Search Feature Back To The Older Functionality [OS X Tips]


iTunes 11 Search

iTunes 11 has undergone many different visual tweaks and changes, not all of which may be welcome. One of the big ones is how the Search field works. By default, when you type in your search term, a drop down menu appears under the Search field, listing the songs, albums, or apps that include those search terms. This can be handy for searching the whole of iTunes at once, but you might want to use the older style of search, using the sidebar to filter the search results within the different media types.

Here’s how to revert iTunes 11 to the older style.

The Ultimate List Of iTunes 11 Tips, Tricks And Changes [Roundup]


iTunes 11 tips and tricks

iTunes 11 is a huge upgrade from its predecessor, and it has received lots of positive feedback since it became available for download on Thursday, November 29th.

Apple has baked iCloud into the core of iTunes, and the app’s interface has been decluttered and enhanced with new features like the MiniPlayer. We’ve been combing through the innards of iTunes 11 to find all of the little changes and additions. Here’s our updating list of iTunes 11 tips and tricks:

Quickly Add Songs To iTunes 11’s ‘Up Next’ Feature [OS X Tips]


Add to iTunes 11 Up Next

iTunes 11 has a new feature called Up Next. It’s a way to let you know what is going to play next, of course, which is cool when you’re shuffling iTunes tracks, but it’s also a way to set up a playlist of sorts, letting you manage what songs come up at a party, for example.

There are a couple of different ways to add songs to the Up Next queue as well. Here’s how.

Dev Explains How He Made The Awesome New Gift Card Redeemer In iTunes 11


code redeemer iTunes 11

One of the coolest new features in iTunes 11 is the ability to take a picture of an iTunes gift card on a Mac and have it instantly redeemed in the store. It’s a heck of a lot quicker than manually typing in a 16-character string.

One of the developers who helped work with Apple on iTunes 11 has explained the incredible efforts behind creating this new feature.

iTunes 11 Walkthrough [Video]


Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 4.39.46 PM

After being delayed a month, Apple finally launched iTunes 11 today, a complete rethinking of iTunes as we know it. Ditching much of the bloat that accompanied iTunes 9 and 10, iTunes 11 brings many iOS-inspired features over to the Mac. In this video, we’ll walk you through iTunes 11’s new interface.

Apple Updates Apple TV With iTunes 11 Support And Bug Fixes


Installing XBMC on a jailbroken Apple TV unlocks the ability to play unsupported video formats, install third-party plugins, and more.
Installing XBMC on a jailbroken Apple TV unlocks the ability to play unsupported video formats, install third-party plugins, and more.

Apple unleashed a slew of software updates this afternoon, including an iOS update for the second and third-gen Apple TV. Today’s  5.1.1 update brings full support for iTunes 11 and a number of stability improvements.

iTunes 11 has a music queuing feature called “Up Next,” and the Apple TV can now interface with Up Next to show what’s about to play. The new iOS Remote app also lets you manage your queue from an iPhone or iPad.