Crystal Baller: iWatch leaks overclock the rumor mill

  • qjL6Kry05

    “…but that didn’t stopped…”

    What would did made you use proper grammar?

    “…ape-shit crazy…”

    Scratch that. I’m asking too much of you.

  • Brandon Franklin

    Who says the watch will run 3rd party apps? Maybe devs will only be able to access its core features with their own apps. But off topic Buster can u preview how the duck duck go experience is please? I’ll be honest I tried switching my default to bing and yahoo only to relunctintly switch back to google, but duck duck has a cool name and I hope a great search engine cuz googles (my)data for dollars buisness model scares the crap out of me and I would like to separate myself from their teet.

    • Teammm

      You will stay on the teet and love it.

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