See what happens when you stuff a Mac Pro with C4


How much C4 can you stuff in a Mac Pro?

That not a question most Mac Pro owners grapple with but the guys at RatedRR aren’t your average Apple fanboys. In their latest series of Apple destruction videos they’ve decided to pack an ungodly amount of C4 into Apple’s powerhouse machine just to see how big the explosion is.

Catch all the gory action in the video below:

Shaping the detention cord into an Apple logo was a flourish so perfect Steve Jobs himself would be proud. Not a trace of the Mac Pro remains after the detonation of 10 lbs of C4 launches it into the stratosphere.

The Mac Pro doesn’t have any moving mechanisms so RatedRR also put it through a couple drop tests to see if it’s got some real-world toughness. Watching the water drop test in slow-mo is even more captivating than the Mac Pro’s death by explosives.



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