9 things every Apple fan should do at WWDC 2014

Coding marathons, packed parties and more fanboys than should be legally permissible in one building await developers when Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off in San Francisco next week, and while the conference is serious business for most devs, who says you can’t have a little bit of fun too?

WWDC rips into high gear with a keynote on June 2nd followed by days of coding sessions, high-profile speakers, hands-on labs and tons of get togethers for developers of all sizes and backgrounds.

Sneaking in time to tour San Francisco is nearly impossible thanks to the stuffed scheduled at WWDC and nearby AltConf, but whether you’re coming to WWDC as a first timer or a seasoned vet, here are nine things every Apple fan must do at least once while visiting the Bay Area.

  • RedMercury

    You can get a small selection of Apple Company Store shirts at WWDC.

    I remember way back when WWDC was in San Jose. The trick was to ditch the last session on Thursday, find two friends willing to share cab fare, and catch the cab out to the Mothership in Cupertino (I think it was about a $60 fare). Then hit the Apple Company Store (or “The Apple Store”, as it was known) before the rest of the crowd got there. Then go hang out in front or try to sneak past the security guards and beat the crowds.

    Of course, once you were in, you make a bee line to the food and then race to get beer.

    I’ll be curious to see if, when they build the new campus, they move WWDC back to San Jose and go back to the old way.

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