Apple Adds Related Search Shortcuts To App Store Results



Apple has added a new “related apps” feature to the app store when viewed on an iOS device. Now, along the top of the screen, over the details of an app, you’ll see the breadcrumb trail in the picture above.


I’m not seeing the new shortcuts yet, so the feature is either in testing or in the middle of a rollout. But it looks pretty useful, letting you narrow down your searches by category right there in the results, instead of having to move to a whole different section of the app store.

Given that it’s almost impossible to find what you’re looking for in the app store unless you know the app’s precise name, I’m hoping that this tweak makes things more usable.

Source: Twitter
Thanks: Hot Chocolate

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  • Arshdeepc

    You can just simply jump from a screen to the other with these related searches.