Clear For iPhone Gets iOS 7 Update While Clear+ Comes To iPad



Clear for iPhone, the wonderful to-do app from Realmac Software, has now been optimized for Apple’s latest iOS 7 software. It features the latest Clear design — which was originally debuted in Clear+ last month — coupled with all of the functionality that makes Clear one of the finest to-do apps for iOS.

What’s more, Clear is now available on your iPad.

Technically, Clear’s new design and iPad compatibility have been available with Clear+ for a few weeks, but Realmac Software decided to change its approach to the iOS 7 update. Rather than charging iPhone users for the upgrade to Clear+ — just to get the latest design — they’ve now brought the same changes to the original Clear app so that existing owners get them for free.


Those who want Clear on the iPad, however, now have that opportunity with Clear+. It’s the same Clear app that you love — with all the same features and gestures — only it’s been optimized for the iPad’s larger display. Furthermore, it’s a universal app, so if you don’t already have Clear for iPhone, you can get it on all of your iOS devices for $4.99.

If you just want the iPhone app, it’s just $0.99, and both are available to download from the App Store now. You can also get Clear for Mac from the Mac App Store for $9.99.

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  • DinaMoHum

    What they did was make a confusing mess. I had Clear for a while. Then I saw the new Clear for the iPad and I threw the $5 at them to get it. Then I ended up with 2 Clear programs on all my iPhones and no easy way to tell them apart. Once I sorted them out and deleted the original Clear off of my iPhones, then they keep coming back when an update is pushed out.
    I can not UnPurchase the iPhone Clear from the AppStore so it remains a confusing mess, kind of like SoundHound who did the same thing. They should think these things through. This is partly Apples fault for not allowing paid upgrades.