Digg Reader Beta Starts Rolling Out To Testers Ahead Of iOS App Release



Digg Reader, the service hoping to secure as many Google Reader users as it can when the service closes on July 1, has just begun rolling out in beta to early testers. The news comes just as the official Digg Reader app for iOS is expected to hit the App Store.

Digg announced the news in a post on its blog, which encourages those who wish to try the service to sign up for an invitation. The company will be scaling up the number of testers “over the next day or so,” it says, and it will continue to add new users in increasingly larger batches.

If you’re still looking for a Google Reader replacement, then, sign up for your invite now and give Digg Reader an early run ahead of its public release.

Some of the features you can look forward to from Digg Reader include the ability to quickly migrate all of your RSS feeds and folders from Google Reader before the service dies. It also boasts exactly the same keyboard shortcuts, different view modes, the ability to save stories to Instapaper, Pocket, and Readability, and lots more.

Digg Reader will also be available on your iOS devices from today, with the official app expected to hit the App Store within the next few hours. It promises to provide “a simple, clean, fast, uncluttered reading experience,” though Digg points out that this is still a beta release — so there may be some issues that still need ironing out.

Digg’s upcoming plans for Digg Readers include a search function, options to view only unread stories and mark all stories as read, useful ways to sort and rank stories, and more sharing options. The company is also planning an Android app, which it hopes to release before the end of July.

Source: Digg


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