Jack Dorsey Believes The iWatch Will Be More Valuable To Users Than Google Glass


As the CEO of Square, and co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey has quickly become one of Silicon Valley’s most admired CEOs. His Square payment system is quickly changing the way consumers buy things, and it’s making businesses and consumers interact on a more personal level.

Square’s goal is to make payments quicker and easier for both business and consumers, so the company has an intense interest in wearable tech. When asked in a recent interview whether he thinks Google Glass is an interesting product, Dorsey answered that he doesn’t see much value in Google Glass right now, but he’s intrigued by devices that wrap around the wrist – like Apple’s rumored iWatch – because they feel more natural.

When asked whether he’s looked into Google Glass, Dorsey had the following to say:

“I don’t think glasses are the answer. I think it might be a 10-year answer, but not in the next five years. Maybe if they’re in sunglasses or what not. I think the movement you see around Fitbit, Up and FuelBand, that seems to be the next step in wearable. So something on the wrist that feels natural, almost feels a bit like jewelry.

Glasses are very compelling and I think it’s an amazing technology, but I just can’t imagine my mom wearing them right now. What is the value of Glass?”

Google Glass was announced last year at Google’s I/O developer conference but the consumer version of the product isn’t expected to be released until the end of 2013, or a year-ish from now, depending on who you talk to. Apple has yet to announce its rumored iWatch product, but some rumors have pointed to a late 2013 or early 2014 release date.
When asked specifically, whether he had more faith in the rumored iWatch, Dorsey replied:
 “(Laughs.) I don’t know, I think there’s a lot going on. The Pebble watch I think is pretty compelling as well.”
The idea of walking into a Starbucks and paying for everything from your iWatch probably intrigues Dorsey a great deal. Who knows, maybe Square’s already working on an app for Apple?
  • Robert X

    I will buy an iWatch probable. Google Glass? Never.

  • TechBell

    Glad to hear he’s not another Glasshole.

  • Budster64

    “Dorsey answered that he doesn’t see much value in Google Glass right now, but he’s intrigued by devices that wrap around the wrist – like Apple’s rumored iWatch – because they feel more natural”
    And then there’s the irony, let’s see he’s got glasses on…but nothing on his wrist. And by now his mom probably uses reading glasses or she will. So let me guess, his interest is purely from a money making perspective whereas he sees how a wrist device can be an easier way to pay for products. In which case he’s already been designing the app to be used, and don’t even argue cause you know it’s true.
    What could be more natural than wearing glasses? Let me ask you a question…insofar as sales go what sells more products worldwide, sunglasses or wrist devices?
    Let me answer that for you, sunglasses…by a long shot.
    what’s really gonna happen is that these 2 products will eventually marry, and it’ll be like ying and yang.
    Sorry techbell in the future, possibly the near future everyone, including you, will be a gasshole in one way shape or form. May not be google glass but it will be SOME type of glass so prepare and be assimilated ;-P
    And we’ll all be idiotWrists as well so cheer up.

  • Budster64

    I will buy an iWatch probable. Google Glass? Never.

    I remember way back when cell phones started becoming popular and I said ” I’ll never have one of those things so that every Tom, Dick and Harry can just bother me at their leisure. If they need me they can wait till I get home”
    Yea right how wrong I was. First thing that happened was work gave me not 1 but 2 AND made me use a beeper as well. heh…
    Now we go everywhere with the darned things and, of course, now it’s not just phone calls it’s…well…everything.
    So never say never when it comes to these things.

  • MTGradwell

    But will it be as awesome as the Sinclair Black Watch?

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