SIMPLcase Carries SIM Toolkit For iPhone Travelers [Kickstarter]

In my wallet, I have a little “secret” compartment which contains a few international micro SIMs, an Apple-made SIM ejection tool (aka a fancy paperclip), and a guitar pick.

Or at least I usually do. The other day, when I actually needed it, the ejector tool had somehow found its way out of the wallet and into my bag. The problem was that it was not the bag I had with me.

But if I’d had the SIMPL case on my iPhone, I’d have been golden.

The SIMPL really is simple. It’s just like any other shell-style case you’d put on the iPhone, with an open face and cut-outs for the iPhone’s various ports and switches. The trick is that inside the back panel is a little tray with shaped sections to hold the SIM tool, plus a couple of micro SIMs. The iPhone 5 version will presumably hold nano SIMs, or you could just use an adpapter.

But wait: there’s more… The extra thickness added by the SIM storage section isn’t wasted. Along one vertical edge of it is a slot on the outside of the case, which lets you slot in a credit card or similarly-sized object and use it as a kickstand. Minimal indeed, and perfect for emergency movie watching on a plane when you have killed the battery on your iPad.

It’s a Kickstarter project, so I won’t be ditching my wallet-borne kit anytime soon, but it is also just $12 to pitch in, so frequent travelers might well be interested. So far things are looking good, with almost a month left and less than half the $20,000 goal to go.

And that guitar pick? Actually way more useful than you’d think. Even if — like me — you suck at playing guitar.

  • lgcldesigns

    Thanks for the article Charlie – to clarify: we’re making the iPhone 5 version which houses 3 spare nano-sims, and in a few weeks we’ll launch a separate KS campaign for the iPhone 4 version (we have the prototype already) which houses 2 spare micro-sims.

    Both house the sim eject tool – and both have the credit card stand feature as well.

    Happy to hear you like it!

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