Twittelator Neue Finally Ditches Annual Charge For Push Notifications

For free? Yes, please!

For free? Yes, please!

I’ve always been a fan of Twittelator Neue, a clean Twitter client for iPhone that’s super fast and has a unique way of handling pictures in your timeline. However, I never agreed with its pricing policy. The app costs $4.99 upfront, but users had to pay an extra $1.99 per year on top of that for push notifications.

Fortunately, its creators have had a change of heart. With its latest update, Twittelator Neue provides push notifications for free.

So like most other Twitter clients, Twittelator Neue will now notify you if you’re mentioned in a tweet, receive a direct message, get a new follower, get added to a list, and if one of your tweets gets retweeted — absolutely free of charge. The $4.99 fee for the app itself still remains, but there are no longer any fees to pay on top of that.

With that being the case, Twittelator Neue is now a Twitter client for iPhone that I can recommend. It’s full of great features — including support for multiple timelines and accounts, website previews, global search, and more — and it has a great interface that displays images within your timeline in a really unique way.


Other features include multiple font choices, username and hashtag autocomplete, regional trends, and pull-to-refresh. Twittelator Neue also has a great feature called SimulTweet, which allows you to post the same tweet from multiple accounts at the same time.

The latest update, version 2.5, also fixes a couple of things, namely a contacts bug and Facebook login. You’ll find Twittelator Neue in the App Store by hitting the source link below.

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