Canabalt Dev Teases Hundreds, A New Puzzle Game Coming To iOS Tonight [Video]



Remember CanabaltIt’s the game that kickstarted the endless runner craze, and it’s been a big hit on iOS, receiving heaps of praise from gamers and critics. Its developer has been working on a new iOS game called Hundreds, which is said to be a minimalist yet challenging puzzler that’s set to hit the App Store at midnight tonight. Check out the teaser trailer below.

Adam Saltsman, the creator of Canabalt, has developed Hundreds with Greg Wohlwend, famous for his own iOS game, PuzzlejuiceThe aim of the game is simple: you tap and hold the bubbles that pop up on your screen, which makes them become bigger and causes the numbers inside them to grow.

To complete each level, the numbers inside each bubble need to add up to 100. But there’s a catch. If the bubbles collide while you’re touching them, then it’s game over. And as you progress through each level, new obstacles are introduced, like spikes and timers, and even new rules.

There will be 100 levels to play through from day one, plus Game Center integration and support for iCloud syncing. Hundreds will make its App Store debut at midnight tonight, and it’ll cost $4.99.

Via: PocketGamer

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  • HunterD

    Doesn’t $5 seem a bit steep for the casual game that this seems to be?