Play This Hot New Indie Game: Hundreds Is Out Now In The App Store



As we reported earlier, the collaboration between Canabalt developer Adam Saltsman and PuzzleJuice developer, Greg Wohlwend produced a fantastic game called Hundreds. Well, it’s out and available in the App Store right now, for a mere $2.99.

It’s a delightful puzzle game that teaches you how to play while you’re actually playing it, which is one of the best ways to learn anything, really. The colors are monochromatic shades of gray, with some reds thrown in for good design measure, and while the solutions to each level do promise to get fairly brutal, Hundreds is looking to be one of those games that wins the hearts of both critics, journalists, and gamers alike.

Canabalt Dev Teases Hundreds, A New Puzzle Game Coming To iOS Tonight [Video]