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Another freakin’ Family Guy game lands on iOS


Get your hands on the new Family Guy game now!
Get your hands on the new Family Guy game now!
Photo: Jam City

What the deuce! Jam City just dropped a new Family Guy game for iOS, and if you’re a fan of puzzle games (or Family Guy), you should go download it now.

Another Freakin’ Mobile Game is an addictive matching game featuring 160 challenging levels and all your favorite characters from the show.

In Rogue Agent, you’ll do more running than spying


rogue-alert-gameplay - 4
This fun new puzzle game will give you a healthy dose of anxiety.
Photo: Roguebox Studios

You aren’t just any agent. You’re a rogue agent. And you’re trying to escape before the enemy agents find you. That’s the plot behind — you guessed it — Rogue Agent, a thrilling new puzzle game on iOS.

With 52 different worlds, several mini-games and a few power-ups, the spy game makes you constantly try to escape without getting caught. Don’t worry about whether there’s a concrete reason for that because, trust me, you’ll get hooked anyway.

Strata Will Challenge Your Mind While Pleasing Your Eyes [Review]



Strata, a puzzle game by developer Graveck, has been out for a few months now, but I only recently stumbled across it. Like FlowDoku, which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago, it’s a deceptively clever title that uses a couple quick rules to create complex tasks for players to solve.

Strata by Graveck
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: $0.99

The rules of Strata are simple: You receive a square grid between 2×2 and 6×6 boxes in size, and you have to place colored ribbons across every row and column. Some boxes have colored squares in them, and the top ribbon on that square must be the same color. That sounds way more complicated than it is, but it makes sense once you’re looking at it.

And you should look at it because it’s really, really pretty.

Work On Your Zen Attitude With New iOS Puzzler, Interlocked


Soothing, isn't it?
Soothing, isn't it?

If you’ve ever played with a wooden puzzle in your local educational toys store, you’ll instantly understand Interlocked, a new iOS game from developer Armor Games (Kingdom Rush). It’s a fun little universal puzzle app for the low price of $0.99, and it should keep you gently entertained for some time to come.

The concept here is to rotate each group of interlocked wooden pieces, sliding each piece out in the right order to fully disassemble the puzzle. Once you’ve moved all the pieces off and away from each other, you get a new puzzle to rotate and solve. It’s very zen, and the whole thing reminds me a bit of Zen Bound, another rotating puzzle game with wooden sculptures and a gentle vibe.

Canabalt Dev Teases Hundreds, A New Puzzle Game Coming To iOS Tonight [Video]



Remember CanabaltIt’s the game that kickstarted the endless runner craze, and it’s been a big hit on iOS, receiving heaps of praise from gamers and critics. Its developer has been working on a new iOS game called Hundreds, which is said to be a minimalist yet challenging puzzler that’s set to hit the App Store at midnight tonight. Check out the teaser trailer below.

DreamWorks Dragons Brings The Lovable Toothless To iOS In Physics-Based Puzzler


Toothless the fire-breathing dragon comes to iOS is a fun, physics-based puzzle game from PikPok.
Toothless the fire-breathing dragon comes to iOS is a fun, physics-based puzzle game from PikPok.

My kids fell in love with Toothless, the lovable fire-breathing dragon, after watching DreamWorks’s hit 2010 animation How To Train Your Dragon. Today he makes his debut on iOS in DreamWorks Dragons: TapDragonTap, a colorful physics-based puzzle game from development studio PikPok.