Rename Safari 6 Bookmarks Like Renaming Files In The Finder [OS X Tips]

Rename Safari 6 Bookmarks Like Renaming Files In The Finder [OS X Tips]

Safari 6 comes bundled with OS X Mountain Lion and is available for download for Mac OS X Lion. It comes with a host of new features, several of which we detailed in this past weekend’s Safari tips roundup.

Today, however, we note a little addition to the interface that involves renaming bookmarks. In earlier versions of Safari, you’d need to rename your bookmarks by right clicking (or control-clicking) on the name of a bookmark and then choosing the “Rename bookmark” pop-up menu item. This is no longer your only choice.

You can still rename bookmarks in Safari 6 with the right-click and rename method, but you can also now rename them an easier way. Simply move your mouse cursor over the name of the bookmark, click, and hold the mouse button down. The name of the bookmark will highlight and you’ll be able to rename it, without having to right click and choose a menu item. It’s not that much faster, in all honesty, but it’s nice to see some correlation with the user interface in the Mac OS Finder, where you can do the same thing: click, wait, rename.

Note that this only works in the Bookmarks bar; the bookmarks in the bookmarks window require a click, then a second click, before they’ll highlight. You can also use the right click method here, as well.

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