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Rename Safari 6 Bookmarks Like Renaming Files In The Finder [OS X Tips]


Rename Safari Bookmarks

Safari 6 comes bundled with OS X Mountain Lion and is available for download for Mac OS X Lion. It comes with a host of new features, several of which we detailed in this past weekend’s Safari tips roundup.

Today, however, we note a little addition to the interface that involves renaming bookmarks. In earlier versions of Safari, you’d need to rename your bookmarks by right clicking (or control-clicking) on the name of a bookmark and then choosing the “Rename bookmark” pop-up menu item. This is no longer your only choice.

Use Safari 6 In OS X Mountain Lion The Right Way [Feature]


User Names and Passwords

Safari 6 came out just before Mountain Lion did, and it’s bundled with Apple’s latest operating system. For many Mac users, Safari is the end of the line when it comes to web browsing, as well as a super fast modern, accessible web browser for the rest of us.

We took a look at several new features of this latest iteration of Safari, including security tips and tricks, as well as how to use Reading Lists and sync tabs from your Mac to your iOS devices, and vice versa.

Open Tabs From Mobile Safari On Your Mac OS X Mountain Lion Machine Via iCloud [OS X Tips]


iCloud Tabs on Mac OS X Mountain Lion Safari

I got really used to using Chrome on my desktop and laptop Macs before Mountain Lion came out with Safari 6 at its heels. I try to use Chrome on my iOS devices, for the history and bookmark synching, I really do, but more often than not, I end up using mobile Safari, because a) it’s the default for all clicked links in other apps and b) I really, really like Reader.

Now, if you’re using Safari on both your Mac and your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you’ll be pleased to know that you can access the tabs you’ve opened on your iPhone on your Mac, and vice versa, as long as you’re using iCloud. Let’s take a look at how we do this.

Disable Website Tracking And Search Engine Suggestions For Added Safari Privacy [OS X Tips]


Safari Privacy

There are some new privacy settings in Safari 6 that potentially prevent a couple of security issues from plaguing you as you roam about the internet.

Some websites may track your browsing activity when they send you web pages to view, which allows those sites to tailor what is presented to you on a specific web page. In addition, when you type search words into the new integrated search bar in Safari 6, Safari will send those words to the search engine itself so that it can send you a list of common searches that are similar to yours. Both of these issues are potential privacy issues, and here’s how you can disable both of them.

Show All Of Your Saved Website Passwords In Safari 6 [OS X Tips]


Saved Passwords Safari

Yesterday, we showed you how Safari 6 keeps track of the passwords you use when you visit websites that require them. They’re kept in a list in the background, so that when you connect to a secure website, you don’t have to enter in your user name or password every time. This is enabled (or disabled) in the Safari Preferences window, under the Auto-Fill tab, for some reason.

Disabling this feature makes your Mac more secure, if you are sharing the Mac or other folks have access to it. If you do use the saved password feature, however, there’s a cool little way to see what those passwords are right in Safari.

Make Safari More Secure By Disabling The Saved Website Password Feature [OS X Tips]


User Names and Passwords

Safari does a great job at making your time on the web easy and simple. It will fill in frequently occurring form information, like your name, address, and email address, so that you don’t have to for every site you visit with a form requesting this information. Fill it out once, then let Safari auto-fill the info the rest of the time. It will also save website user names and passwords. Which, when you think about it, is a great idea for your own personal computer at home, but not so great for a work or shared computer.

Here’s how to disable that.

Search Smarter With Safari 6 In Mountain Lion [OS X Tips]


Search Smarter in Safari

The most noticeable change in the way Safari works in its latest version is in the way it allows you to search. Just like Google’s Chrome web browser, Safari now includes an integrated search in the previously URL-only address bar at the top of the browser.

There are some tricks to narrow down search results, as well as a couple neat ways to save specific searches for later use. Let’s check them out together, shall we?

Apple Releases Safari 6 For OS X Lion


A little treat for those sticking to OS X Lion.
A little treat for those sticking to OS X Lion.

If you’ve decided to wait for OS X Mountain Lion until all of your apps are compatible, don’t think Apple has forgotten all about you already. The Cupertino company has just released Safari 6 for OS X Lion, which introduces a number of new features, including the smart search field, an offline Reading List, and more.