Crop And Constrain Photos On Your iPhone Or iPad For Better Pics [iOS Tips]

Crop And Constrain Photos On Your iPhone Or iPad For Better Pics [iOS Tips]

Here’s how it looks on the iPad.

One of the best tools in a photographer’s editing kit is the crop. Finding the best part of a picture and cutting out all else is a fantastic way to make an ordinary picture into a great picture.

You can do this right on your iPhone or iPad with the Photos app. Here’s how.

Open the Photos app with a tap, and then tap on the picture you want to crop. Tap the Edit button in the upper right, then choose the Crop tool in the lower right. The Photos app will create a grid with draggable handles around it. Simply tap and drag any of the corner handles to define the area of your crop.

Even better, you can tap the Constrain button on the lower left to pic one of several popular proportions for photos, like Square, 4X3, 5X7, and 16X9, to name a few. This will help if you’re trying to define your picture to print on a specific paper size. Once constrained, you can tap and drag the photo around to fit perfectly within the constraining grid lines.

When you’re done, tap Crop in the upper left, then Save, and your iOS device will make it so. This feature, along with the Enhance tool, can make your mediocre snapshots into something you might want to print and display – totally worth the couple of seconds it takes to crop it well.

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  • Dreezy

    One thing that drives me nuts about cropping using the Photo app is that the second you email the photo or insert it in Keynote or Pages, the original photo shows up. I am hoping they fix this somehow in iOS6 or there is a workaround besides taking a screenshot of the cropped photo.

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