The iPhone Comes To Virgin Mobile, And Here’s Why You Should Be Its Next Customer

The iPhone Comes To Virgin Mobile, And Here’s Why You Should Be Its Next Customer

The iPhone just got a lot cheaper thanks to Virgin Mobile.

Following the iPhone’s prepaid debut on Cricket Wireless just a week ago, Apple’s hugely popular smartphone is now available on Virgin Mobile. Like Cricket, Virgin is offering the handset on a prepaid basis, with prices starting at as little as $31 per month on the company’s Beyond Talk plan — which includes unlimited data, and unlimited texts.

Take advantage of the company’s offer and you could save yourself around $800 a year.

At $650, you’ll pay a lot more up-front for your iPhone 4S from Virgin, but in the long run it’s going to save you a small fortune, as we noted back in June. On AT&T, for example, you’ll only pay $199 for the iPhone 4S itself — plus a $36 activation fee — but you’ll then need to stump up $155.99 per month for the next two years to get a decent plan with 3GB of data.

By the time your contract ends, you’ll have paid AT&T a total of $2,395.75.

Take the iPhone 4S on Virgin, however, and you’ll pay just $1,609.99 over 24 months — with tethering. That’s because although you pay more for the iPhone up-front, there’s no activation fee, and you’ll only pay $31 per month for your calls, texts, and data; and $15 per month for your tethering.

Furthermore, Virgin will give you all the data you can eat, while AT&T gives you a paltry 3GB limit.

You can see how Virgin’s prices stack up to those from Verizon, Sprint, and Cricket using our handy chart:

Minutes$39.99 (450)$39.99 (450)$69.99 (Unlimited)$55.00 (Unlimited)$40 (1200)
Data$30 (3GB)$30 (2GB)$10 (Unlimited)$0 (Unlimited)$0 (Unlimited)
iPhone 4S (16GB)$199.99$199.99$199.99$499.99$649.99
2-Year Total$2395.79$2394.79$2119.75$1819.99$1609.99

It goes without saying, then, that Virgin should be the first stop for your new iPhone.

  • J_Tremain

    I looked at their coverage map and the coverage sucks. If you don’t do alot of road tripping or travel to smaller cities, it might be a good deal though.

  • Greg

    All well and good unless you are traveling overseas. The VirginMobile phone is CDMA not GSM so I can’t just switch out he sim card when needed. Deal breaker.

  • technochick

    yes but how many folks are really getting 3gb of data or unlimited texting. and how good is Virgin’s coverage and service

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