Beware This DreamBoard Knockoff That Has Made Its Way Into The App Store


Despite what its description says, this DreamBoard knockoff is nothing but a waste of $3.
Despite what its description says, this DreamBoard knockoff is nothing but a waste of $3.

The jailbreakers among you will undoubtedly already be familiar with DreamBoard, an awesome tweak that quickly applies custom themes to an iOS device. It’s probably the easiest way to give your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch a nice new look, and therefore it’s extremely popular.

One shameless iOS developer is attempting to cash in on that popularity by creating a DreamBoard knockoff that is now available in the App Store for $2.99.

Like the real DreamBoard app available in Cydia, this knockoff promises to provide you with an “advanced theming platform.” Its description reads:

Take control over SpringBoard! Dreamboard lets you place anything from widgets to apps where ever you want. Theming is no longer limited to just icons, or having to resort to complicated setup themes involving Iconoclasm, SpringJumps, etc.

Dreamboard makes it easy to switch between any theme in just a few seconds. Simply launch, choose and apply! And, Dreamboard eliminates the long wait of having to restart Springboard everytime you make a change. No more resprings! Dreamboard includes a complementary copy of Endroid (HTC theme).

Compatible with iPad although not all themes compatible. Not all themes recommended with older generation devices.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Well, it would be, if it wasn’t complete and utter rubbish. In reality, this app does nothing expect show you images of other operating systems. It is not an “advanced theming platform” and neither does it apply themes to your device.

This is a prime example of an App Store con. Despite its exciting description, the app lives up to none of its claims, and instead fleeces you for $3 for a selection pictures.

At this point we’d normally ask, “How on Earth did Apple approve this app?”

The thing is, the app doesn’t actually breaking any of Apple’s rules, and developers have the option to modify App Store descriptions after their title has been approved. So it’s likely that this useless knockoff was submitted with an entirely different description and Apple saw no issues.

Since then, that description has been changed to fool customers into parting with their cash. What’s worse is that the developer is registered as “Gamesoft.” Could this be to fool people into thinking DreamBoard is from the reputable software company Gameloft? Probably.

Do us a favor, don’t throw this developer your $3, no matter how curious you are.

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  • mr_bee

    I think it’s hard to describe a copy of a quasi-legal hack, a “rip-off.”

    This app should be avoided/hated for being misleading and for basically not doing anything it says it does in the description, but the fact that it’s a copy of some jailbreak hack doesn’t bother me at all.

  • DeathBySnuSnu

    Just do a chargeback on your credit card that they’ll get hit with the 3$ + $20 per chargebacks. That’ll learn ’em real fast.