WWDC 2012 Sells Out In Under Two Hours

WWDC 2012 Sells Out In Under Two Hours

The hottest developer conference of the year is already sold out.

Whoa. WWDC 2012 was announced just under two hours ago, and the conference has already sold out. Apple has confirmed the news, and devs who weren’t able to grab a ticket are out of luck.

Three years ago, WWDC sold out in a month. The next year took a week to sell out. 2011 took just 12 hours. This year took 2 hours. How fast will next year sell out?

Sorry, tickets are sold out.
We’ll be posting videos of all our sessions shortly after the conference, so everyone can take advantage of great WWDC content for free.

Interestingly, Apple announced this year’s conference before 6 a.m. on the West Coast, giving East Coasters and international devs a leg up on registration. There are surely many PST-based devs who are just now waking up to find that the most important developer conference of the year has already been announced and sold out.

  • ShedoSurashu

    Well crap. Didn’t see that one coming.

  • Tallest_Skil

    Well crap. Didn’t see that one coming.

    Despite it happening four years in a row?

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