Facebook Changes Its Mind On A Native iPad App



Remember when Mark Zuckerberg scoffed that there was no reason to release a native Facebook iPad app because the “iPad’s not mobile!”

Guess he’s changed his mind: Facebook’s prepping an official iPad app, and it’s already in final testing.

The New York Times reports that Facebook’s native iPad app will be available in the next few weeks and will offer a slick design with a major focus on leveraging the iPad’s wide multitouch interface.

In particular, Facebook for iPad is focused on overhauling Facebook Chat and Facebook Groups to be more usable in a mobile, multitouch setting. In addition, the iPad’s newly-gained photo and video capturing capabilities will be pandered to, and you’ll be able to shoot and upload media right from the built-in cameras.

I’m honestly with 2010 Zuckerberg on this one: Facebook’s desktop site works just fine for me on my iPad. That said, the third-party Facebook apps like Friendly are just junk, so if Facebook can deliver a better, more iPad-friendly experience than the browser, more power to them… obviously there’s more than enough people clamoring for such things.


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  • fuzzboxer

    “Facebook’s desktop site works just fine for me on my iPad.”

    You’re joking right? Not sure what Facebook site you’ve been using, but it’s not a “just fine” experience for me and everyone else I know that has an iPad.

    I, and many of my friends, welcome a Facebook iPad app.

  • Barelyabsolut

    Facebook will die soon. 

  • Phil

    ur shitting me lol

  • Redsabr

    About bloody time!! The regular site works fine on Mobile Safari, EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT THERE IS NO CHAT!!!!! 

  • Yasaswy Nagavolu

    Seriously that is the future.. an analogy to all the roads built in this world.. it’ll be like the transport system to internet..

  • minimalist1969

    Got to agree with fuzzboxer.  Facebook on the iPad is a huge turd.   Text is minuscule, touch targets are too small, buttons designed for mouse-over are maddeningly difficult to activate, and there is absolutely no photo function whatsoever.  

  • aramishero

    If Facebook still not friend with Apple… I believe Apple will create another new Social Network to kill Facebook. with iCloud all in 1 platform…

  • martinberoiz

    you mean like Ping?

  • Derek Stephens

    I totally disagree. FB on iPad thru Safari is trash. I find myself searching for my MBA or iPhone to use FB. I have the Friendly app but it’s very glitchy. The best FB app remains Flipboard

  • Guest

    I like MyPad app (I use the free version with ads… And i dont think ill change it for the official app… Once I love the fact the interface is like a mirror from twitter app, that clean and functional….) and web version really dont work on iPad… U need a stylus for clicking, cant use chat nor upload images and sometimes get annoying so many double-clicks for zooming so you can read the website,,,,