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Latest macOS Catalina beta includes a stunning new screensaver


macOS Catalina
It's available now, if you're running the latest beta.
Photo: Apple

While Apple has introduced all kinds of fancy new screensavers for platforms like Apple TV, the Mac doesn’t get all that much love.

However, Apple has made an exception with its latest macOS Catalina beta. As uncovered by Twitter user J Bank, it features an attractive new screensaver to join the other default ones already found on Macs.

Beautiful wallpapers show off iPhone X’s gorgeous guts


iPhone X
Make your iPhone's innards shine forth.
Photo: Ste Smith/iFixit/Cult of Mac

Still looking for the perfect wallpaper for your new iPhone X? The folks at iFixit have come up with a new set of that takes advantage of Apple’s new edge-to-edge display to make it look like your iPhone X doesn’t have a screen at all.

Now you don’t have to pry your screen open just to get a look inside.

Google brings stunning Featured Photos screensaver to Mac


mac screensaver post image
Featured Photos makes your Mac look even prettier while it's idle.
Photo: Google

Want a stellar screensaver for your Mac? Look no further than the stunning Featured Photos from Google.

It’s the same screensaver that ships on Chromecast, Fiber, and Pixel devices, and it displays a bunch of beautiful images sourced from Google+ that make your Mac look even prettier while it’s idle.

Aquarium app fills your Apple TV with A.I. fish


Fish with AI beats recorded video loops any day.
Photo: Aqua TV

A fairly popular group of apps for the Apple TV has been those that add a bit of scenic ambience to your living room. I’m talking live camera streams around the world or footage of gorgeous waterfalls. Even Apple’s own Aerial screensavers are stunning. One such app with a special twist is Aqua TV, which puts a customizable aquarium on your television screen. It’s beautiful to glance at in your peripheral vision, but also fun to build and personalize.

Apple TV app will wow you with stunning shots of Earth


The Aurora Borealis over the Atlantic Ocean as seen from the International Space Station
The Aurora Borealis over the Atlantic Ocean as seen from the International Space Station
Photo: Jetson Creative

I’ve always wanted to go into space. The now-familiar view of our “big blue marble” have always fascinated and entranced me, even as a young boy.

With Earthlapse TV, I can stare out of a virtual window from the International Space Station to watch the coast of Northern Australia spin past my high viewpoint, see the aurora borealis as it shimmers above the northern hemisphere, or watch as the world turns from London to Africa beneath my gaze.

This is a gorgeous app and a perfect fit for the big-screen TV in my living room.

Mastering iTunes: Make A Visual Party Playlist With Album Artwork Screensaver [OS X Tips]


iTunes Artwork Screensaver

One of the trickier things about creating a playlist for any party is making sure you have the right music for the people you’ve invited. Sometimes, though, you might want to give this entire nerve-wracking process a miss, and let the guests at your house choose the music from all the songs and artists you have in iTunes on your Mac.

Here’s how to do just that, using nothing more than your Mac and the iTunes Album Artwork screensaver.

An Apple Designer Made This Minimal Screensaver For OS X [Updated]


Minimal enough?
Minimal enough?

Update: Looks like Padbury has taken the screensaver off his Dribble account. If anyone has a mirrored link for others to download, please post in the comments.

We love beautiful wallpapers and screensavers here at Cult of Mac. When Apple User Interface Designer Robert Padbury posted a beautiful screensaver to his Dribble account, we fell in love. The “Minimalist Clock Screensaver” comes in 12-hour and 24-hour versions, and you can grab it now for free to install on your own Mac.