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Gift guide 2018 bugBuying for an Apple fan who already has the latest products and accessories doesn’t have to be difficult. There are a ton of great gifts out there, like beautiful books showcasing Apple design, cool cushions that carry familiar Apple logos and slogans, and more.

In this gift guide, we’ve hand-picked a bunch of awesome products that would make any Apple fan insanely happy this holiday season. They’re products we’ve used, reviewed, and would recommend ourselves — and there’s something to suit every budget.

Lisa Brennan-Jobs’ memoir seems to confirm an old rumor about Steve


Lisa Brennan-Jobs
Back in 1996, a story very similar to Lisa's was told in the form of a novel.
Photo: Lisa Brennan-Jobs/Wikipedia CC

Back in 1996, Steve Jobs’ sister, Mona Simpson, wrote a novel about a Silicon Valley tycoon who has a difficult and distant relationship with his oldest daughter. He even denies her paternity altogether, and then hands out meager amounts of child support to look after her and her mom.

At the time, Jobs denied that the protagonist in A Regular Guy was closely based on him. Others thought differently, however. More than 20 years later, Lisa Brennan-Jobs’ new memoir describes just how accurate Simpson’s novel was. And what she thought of it.

Small Fry offers complicated portrait of Steve Jobs as a father [Review]


Think Steve Jobs was tough as a boss? Lisa Brennan-Jobs memoir
Think Steve Jobs was tough as a boss? Here's what he was like as a father.
Photo: Luke Dormehl/Cult of Mac

Small Fry is the memoir of Lisa Brennan-Jobs, the daughter Steve Jobs didn’t want. Frequently sad and occasionally disturbing, it’s not the airbrushed portrait of Steve that Apple would like to see in print.

But it also relays some charming moments, showing us a side of the Apple co-founder that we’ve never seen before. It’s a glimpse of Steve Jobs at his most personal.

Small Fry, Lisa Brennan-Jobs’ memoir, is out today


Small Fry
And yes, Lisa was the naming inspiration for Apple's Lisa computer.
Photo: Grove Press

Small Fry, the memoir written by Steve Jobs’ oldest daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs, is out today. The book details Lisa’s challenging relationship with her famous father, who early on denied his daughter’s paternity, before eventually forging a (still difficult at times) relationship with her.

Lisa has said the book was prompted by her apparent dislike of Walter Isaacson’s 2011 Steve Jobs biography. However, it seems that Lisa’s book is also going to stir up some controversy among Steve Jobs’ family.

Lisa Brennan-Jobs says she didn’t trust Steve’s official biographer


Lisa Brennan-Jobs
Lisa Brennan-Jobs has a memoir launching next month.
Photo: Lisa Brennan-Jobs/Wikipedia CC

Lisa Brennan-Jobs, the firstborn daughter of Steve Jobs, has added her name to the list of people who weren’t fans of Jobs’ hand-picked biographer Walter Isaacson.

Isaacson wrote the mega-selling biography of Jobs published in 2011. However, since then numerous Apple insiders and people who knew Steve have criticized the book. Jobs’ daughter Lisa is the latest of these — saying that she didn’t trust the biographer, although she admits she never read his book.

Steve Jobs’ daughter talks about her big secret


Lisa, photographed in 2005.
Photo: Lisa Brennan-Jobs/Wikipedia CC

Lisa Brennan Jobs, the oldest daughter of Steve Jobs, is coming out with her first book next month. Part of the story grapples with their complicated relationship. (He denied being her father at first.)

In an excerpt from her book, Small Fry, posted today, Lisa Brennan Jobs gives glimpses into some of her dad’s last months. She also talks about how it affected her psyche when he named the Lisa computer after her but didn’t admit it to her until she was 27.

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs’ daughter Lisa is born


Lisa Brennan-Jobs
Jobs had a rocky relationship with his daughter.
Photo: Lisa Brennan-Jobs/Wikipedia CC

June 17 Today in Apple historyJune 17, 1978: Steve Jobs’ first child, Lisa Brennan-Jobs, is born.

The child of 23-year-old Jobs and his high school girlfriend Chris-Ann Brennan, Lisa’s parents are no longer a couple when she is born. What follows are several shameful years in which Jobs denies paternity of his daughter, before they eventually reconcile.

Steve Jobs’ daughter is writing memoir about rocky relationship with her dad


New book will offer a very different view of Steve Jobs: that of father.
Photo: Ben Stanfield/Flickr CC

Given his immense significance as the CEO who turned around Apple’s fortunes, there are a whole lot of books out there about Steve Jobs.

A newly announced one, however, will have a different, more personal take on the late Steve Jobs than most of its bookstore rivals. The reason? Its written by his daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs.

How Aaron Sorkin’s interview with Lisa changed Steve Jobs


Michael Fassbender is Steve Jobs.
Michael Fassbender is Steve Jobs.
Photo: Universal Pictures

Steve Jobs’ relationship with his first daughter, Lisa, plays a major role in the upcoming Steve Jobs movie, but according to screen writer Aaron Sorkin, that wouldn’t have been the case had he not scored a key interview even Walter Isaacson never got.

Lisa Brennan-Jobs, Steve’s first daughter, spent some time with Aaron Sorkin before he wrote the script for the upcoming film, and according to Sorkin, it completely changed what he was looking for in the movie.

You Probably Never Noticed This Apple Tribute In The Simpsons [Image]




With over 500 episodes of The Simpsons aired on TV, and tons of Apple links, even a hardcore Simpsons and Apple fan might have missed this tribute to Apple. In episode #497 “The D’oh-cial Network” Lisa builds a social-network called SpringFace. The computer behind Lisa’s coding prowess was a Lisa computer by Mapple at the Springfield High School computer lab.

The Apple nod is a reference to the Apple Lisa which was released in 1983, and is named after Steve Jobs’ first daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs. The logo on the Simpsons’ Lisa computer is the Mapple logo which is just an apple that has been bitten on both sides.

Source: Reddit