Start the holidays with 1TB of lifetime cloud storage for $119.97


Save hundreds on 1TB of cloud storage that's actually private.
Keep your data safe with 1TB of lifetime cloud storage for $120.
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Planning to get that special someone (or yourself) a killer app or the newest MMORPG for the holiday season? Just make sure it’s not too much of a good thing. All those digital goodies take up space, but cloud storage is one easy solution. Koofr is standing out in a crowded field of providers thanks to its focus on security and accessibility, and now new users can get on board with a lifetime subscription to 1TB for just $119.97.

Save everything in the cloud with 1TB of lifetime storage for just $119.97


Save everything in the cloud this school year and grab 1TB of lifetime cloud storage for only $119.97.
Snag 1TB of lifetime cloud storage for just $119.97 with this back-to-school sale.
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The back-to-school vibe has undoubtedly changed. We’ve traded our three-ring binders and Trapper Keepers for digital files and folders on our laptops. So much is saved on our computers during a school year, and it’s only natural if your machine eventually runs out of space.

The easiest thing to do is to keep all your important school, work and personal docs and photos backed up and in one place. Fortunately, during this back-to-school sale, you can get a lifetime subscription to Koofr with 1TB of cloud storage for only $119.97 to do just that. Simply enter code KOOFR with your purchase to score this $20 discount. But don’t put off this key buy for long. This deal only lasts through August 13.

Keep your cloud data safe for life with this discounted 1TB plan


Keep your data safe and accessible on the cloud for life with Koofr, now only $139.99.
Upgrade your cloud storage with this 1TB plan from Koofr. The lifetime subscription costs less than $140.
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Before the work-from-home revolution, cloud storage was a boon. Now, it’s a necessity. For so many of us, the office isn’t in some cubicle or even our home laptop. It’s wherever we are, on whatever device we can access. Files need to be both accessible and secure, and that’s why savvy cloud users are turning to Koofr.

Now that Koofr is offering 1TB of lifetime cloud storage for just $139.99 (regularly $2,700), you can expect even more people to jump on board.

Get 1TB of lifetime cloud storage for less than $140


Never run out of space with this cloud storage solution, now under $140.
Keep all your files and content secure with Koofr cloud storage.
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There’s a lot of competition among cloud storage providers, which isn’t surprising considering how necessary the cloud has become. Even if you’re working on something with the storage capacity of a souped-up MacBook Pro, you’re going to need a more spacious home for your data sooner or later.

Any plan can give you enough space — if you shell out enough cash. What sets Koofr’s cloud solution apart from the competition is its ability to make your data both easily accessible and secure, at a price that’s not prohibitive and includes a lifetime subscription.

Need a last-minute gift? How does 1TB of top-rated cloud storage for $112 sound?


Get 1TB of storage for life for less than $112 right now.
Don't run out of storage for your videos and photos over the holidays.
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The holidays mean gift exchanges, family time and priceless memories, but you’ll need ample storage to film, photograph and store those special moments. One of the best cloud storage solutions around is Koofr, and its 1TB lifetime subscription is on sale for $111.99 when you use code KOOFR at checkout by December 7.

This discount is part of our Last Chance event, where you can find markdowns on last-minute gift ideas. Cloud storage plans prove especially handy for last-minute shopping, as this type of gift involves no shipping time.

Give your iPhone 1TB of extra space with best-of-web pricing on cloud storage


We've got the exclusive on this 1TB cloud storage lifetime subscription.
Grab this iOS-compatible 1TB cloud storage deal that nobody else can beat.
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It’s annoying getting notifications that you’re almost out of storage on your phone or computer. Quit playing that game and free up some local storage space on your iPhone, Mac or iPad with cloud storage accessible from an unlimited number of devices.

Koofr Cloud Storage offers a 1TB plan with a lifetime subscription you won’t find anywhere else, and it’s on sale during our Overstock Sale. You can get it for just $139.99 (regularly $2,700). No coupon code is needed, but the sale ends on October 31 at 11:59 p.m.

Get 1TB of lifetime cloud storage from this iCloud alternative for $112


Free up space on your devices with 1TB of cloud storage for life, less than $112 now.
For this month only, you can grab 1TB of top-rated cloud storage for less than $112.
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Need more storage space? With more photos and videos to store than ever, who doesn’t? But before you upgrade your iPhone for more capacity, consider purchasing a cloud storage plan.

Koofr is one of the highest-rated providers on the market, and right now, you can get lifetime storage for a single payment. 1TB storage plans are available for just $111.99 (regularly $2,700) with code KOOFR this September.

Free up iPhone space with up to 30% off Koofr cloud storage in our Labor Day Sale


Clear up some room with these three deals on cloud storage.
Keep your files safe with a Labor Day deal on cloud storage.
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When you install an app, do you have to bid another one farewell? Running out of room on your phone or computer is a pain, but you aren’t necessarily limited to the space on your hard drive. Good cloud storage that helps you organize your files and keeps them safe is an easy way of keeping apps and large files off the chopping block

Koofr Cloud Storage offers three lifetime subscriptions at 100GB, 250GB and 1TB that could be an excellent match for your file-storage needs.

Plus, during Cult of Mac Deals’ Labor Day Sale, you get a little more control over how much you pay. Pair one of these deals with any other from our Labor Day Collection, and you could get 20% off for two items or 30% off for three or more. No coupon is needed, but the price needs to be $49 or higher before applying the discount. The sale ends at 11:59 p.m. PST on September 5.

Free up space without deleting files with 1TB of cloud storage for life


Get a lifetime 1TB cloud storage for only $140.
Get cloud storage that syncs with Google Drive (and more!) while it's 94% off.
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You should think of your iPhone‘s or Mac’s built-in storage as if you’re moving into a new apartment. That first day, it looks totally roomy. But once you move all your stuff in, aka your everyday apps are installed, it’s remarkable how small it gets.

So, if you’re tired of getting that “storage almost full” notification on your iPhone or MacBook, it might be time to supplement it with cloud storage. Luckily, Koofr is offering 1TB lifetime cloud storage subscriptions for only $139.99 (regularly $2,700).

Get 1TB of secure cloud storage for life, at one low price


Save your files and some room with this cloud storage.
A massive amount of reliable, encrypted cloud storage can put an end to your data worries.
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Deleting videos you might have wanted and purging apps you could have used are some of the worst outcomes of seeing the dreaded notification that your device is running out of storage. Additionally, it’s hard to use your phone, laptop or tablet how you want when there’s always a limit to how much you can save.

You can make those problems disappear with a lifetime subscription to Koofr cloud storage. It offers a full terabyte of easy-access cloud storage, so your devices always have room. And for a limited time, it only costs $169.99 (regularly $2,700).