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This 6-in-1 multiple charging cable can charge practically anything


InCharge X Max multiple charging cable.
Upgrade your charging game with a big discount on the incredibly capable inCharge X Max cable.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

iPhone, iPad, MacBook, AirPods … the more Apple gear we collect, the more important is it to have a multiple-charging cable. The inCharge X Max — a six-in-one cable with Lightning, USB-C and more — cuts down on the clutter in your bag with its compact design and multiple connections.

As the Cult of Mac review of the inCharge X says, these cables are “adaptable enough to enable almost any type of Apple device to get power from almost any charger.” And for a limited time, you can get one of these multi-tip cables at a new low price: just $19.97 with code INCHARGE.

This 6-in-1 cable does USB-C, Lightning and more for just $17


Don't wait for Black Friday to get this Apple-compatible 6-in-1 charging cable, now only $17.
This 6-in-1 charging cable charges Apple and Android, now only $17 before Black Friday.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

No matter what piece of Apple gear we’re talking about, it’s not so glamorous when its battery goes dead. Rather than packing separate charging cables for all your devices, cover all your basic charging needs with a 6-in-1 charging cable: the inCharge X Max!

Ahead of Black Friday through November 27, this nifty cable — which works with USB-C, Lightning and more — is only $16.97 (regularly $39)!

Limited-time price drop: Get a 6-in-1 charging cable for less than $17


Don't miss this 6-in-1 charging cable for just $20.
USB-C, Lightning, USB-A, micro-USB ... this 5-foot cable can make all the connections.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Is Apple’s switch to USB-C from Lightning driving you a bit bonkers searching for the exact right cable? The inCharge X Max — a six-in-one cable with swappable tips that can handle USB-C, Lightning and more — can ease the transition.

It’s 5 feet long, tough as nails and serves up just about any combination of connections that you could need. And for a limited time, it costs just $16.97, thanks to an exclusive price drop.

Get free shipping on a $20 cable that can connect to almost anything


During our version of Prime Day, get free shipping on a $20 cable that can connect to almost anything.
Don't delay until Prime Day. You can get this 5-foot, 6-in-1 cable for $20 now.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If you carry multiple devices you need to charge throughout the day, the cable struggle can be a lot to deal with. However, if you pack the right cable, you’ll only need one for your iPhone, iPad, MacBook and other tech.

The InCharge X Max is a 5-foot cable with folding ends that can connect to Lightning, USB-C, USB-A and micro USB ports. And you don’t have to wait for Prime Day to get it for a low price. Through July 14 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific, you can get one of these all-in-one cables for only $19.97 instead of $39.

This 6-in-1 cable can charge all your gear


Pick up this powerful charging for phones, tablets, computers and more for $22.
Save on this simple solution to complicated modern charging needs.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Why carry multiple charging cables when one can connect any of your devices to any available charger? The inCharge X Max gives you six ways to connect, and can handle up to 100 watts.

For a limited time, this brawny 5-foot cable with interchangeable tips costs just $21.99 (regularly $39). With this highly rated and versatile charging cable, you can stay powered up no matter where the day takes you.

These 6-way charging cables give you all the options


InCharge 6-in-1 charging cable
You can use these multi-tipped power cables to charge almost anything.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

A lot of people regularly carry more than one smart device. Phones, tablets, wireless earbuds — all of these need a charge. And carrying around a separate power cable for each of them gets ridiculous.

InCharge’s cables pack six combinations into a compact, durable design. You can get a 2.8-inch InCharge X Charging Cable in black, marble beige or sapphire blue for $21.99 (regularly $29). Or you can get a 5-foot cable of the same design in lava black for $29.99 (regularly $39).

This compact, hybrid charging cable lets you connect all your devices


This charger is $22 and will work for virtually any device.
Not matter what type of connection you need, this hybrid charging cable delivers.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

You don’t need a different charging cable for each of your devices — even if you’re carrying Apple and Android devices as well as other gear. If you use the InCharge Charging Cable, you can get six charging options for iPhone and Androids

And it’ll only cost you $21.99 for a limited time.

This tiny cable can charge both iPhones and Android devices


Incharge cable
One cable to rule them all.
Photo: InCharge

Keeping enough cables around to keep your iPhone and Android-toting friends charged up can be a big tangled pain, but there’s now one cable to rule them all.

inCharge debuted its new tiny charging cable today. Not only does it pack a Lightning connector that also works with Micro-USB ports, but you can also clip on a USB-C port too, making it the most versatile charging cord we’ve ever seen.

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