Apple Curb Stomps Exxon, Once More World’s Most Valuable Company



Two years ago, Apple overtook Exxon as the world’s most valuable company. It was a heck of a feat for a Silicon Valley company: for the first time, the world seemed to value silicon computer chips more than the bubbling, black goo of long dead dinosaurs. The future seemed rosy, and in the following months, Apple’s share price eventually rose to over $700 a share… before cratering thanks to bizarre Wall Street pessimism.

Somehow, though, even though analysts are bleaker about Apple’s futures than they have ever been, Cupertino has once more managed to claw the title of world’s most valuable company from Exxon. How?

Bring Balance To Your Checkbook With Moneydance For Mac [Deals]


CoM - MoneyDance

Plain and simple, managing your finances can suck. The app featured in this Cult of Mac Deals offer was created to change that.

Moneydance sports an easy-to-use interface and its syncing capabilities make for a streamlined experience that will get you saving your money, rather than washing it away. It easily handles online banking, account management, budgeting, and investment tracking all in this single application and the best part — you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to hire a financial manager.

There’s another part that’s pretty great as well – Cult of Mac has it for just $25 for a limited time.

Springtomize Dev Releases Exquisitely Beautiful Non-Jailbreak Finance App For iPhone



Samsung Reports Q4 2012 Financial Results: $52.45 Billion Revenue, $8.27 Billion Profit



Samsung has today announced its financial results for the fourth quarter of 2012, which slightly exceed the estimations that were set by the Korean company earlier this month. It recorded an operating profit of 8.84 trillion won (approx. $8.27 billion) during the three-month period, on 56.06 trillion won (approx. $54.45 billion) in revenue. That’s a 10% increase in profit over the previous quarter, and a whopping 89.3% increase in profit over the fourth quarter of 2011.

Disney’s CEO Is Ditching His Company’s Stock And Buying Apple


"Bob Iger, you just cashed in $17.9 million worth of Disney stock, what are you going to do next?"

If you’re really into investing and the stock market and all that fun, heart-wrenching stuff, then now might be a great time to buy some Apple stock if you believe Disney’s CEO Bob Iger knows what he’s doing.

On Monday, Iger bought $1 million worth of Apple shares, according to documents filed with the SEC. Along with being the CEO of Disney, Iger is also on Apple’s board of Directors. But he’s not just buying Apple stock; he’s ditching his Disney stock while he’s at it.

Apple Stock Surges After Analysts Claim Stock Price Is Insanely Cheap



Despite posting one of their most profitable quarters ever, Apple’s stock (AAPL) has taken a dive over the last two months. It’s been down nearly 25% from it’s recent highs and some analyst have said that the stock is great buy right now.

This morning, Brian White from Topeka claimed that the sell-off in Apple’s stock over the past weeks has been “insanely insane” given how Apple is poised to have a record breaking holiday quarter. Since making his claim, Apple’s price has jumped up 5% today.

Hurricane Sandy Gave Navigation, News, Finance Apps A Massive Boost… But Not Weather?


Use of weather apps actually decreased during Hurricane Sandy.

When Hurricane Sandy left millions of people across the East Coast of the United States without electricity, portable, battery-powered devices like smartphones and tablets were all they had to rely on. Not only did they provide a means of entertainment, but they also allowed those affected by the storm to follow the latest news and weather information.

With that being the case, Sandy had some interesting effects on app statistics. Compared with the preceding week in New York City, use of navigation apps more than doubled, while those in the finance category saw a 74% boost. Photography and news apps also became more popular, while, surprisingly, weather apps remained closed.

iPhone Sales Last Quarter Could Have Exceeded Expectations Thanks To iPhone 5


Guess what? The iPhone's still a big seller.

The iPhone 5 has been a sell-out since it went on sale on September 21, and it’s still incredibly difficult to get hold of in some markets even a month later. With five million units sold, it’s the fastest-selling iPhone to date, so it’s no surprise one analyst is predicting that iPhone sales could be even better than originally expected.

Verizon Sold 3.1 Million iPhones During Q3 2012, 21% Of Which Were iPhone 5s


The iPhone continues to do well on Verizon.
The iPhone continues to do well on Verizon.

Verizon announced its financial results for the third-quarter of 2012 today, and it has some impressive figures when it comes to the iPhone. The carrier sold more than 3.1 million iPhones in total during the three-month period, which is around 400,000 more then it sold during the second quarter. 21% of those were the new iPhone 5, according to Verizon, which translates to around 650,000 sales in less than a month.