• FriarNurgle

    Maybe I’d have money to invest if I stopped buying all this Apple stuff. 

  • Michael Bradbury

    “Lieutenant Dan got me invested in some kind of ‘fruit’ company. 
    So then I got a call from him, saying we don’t have to worry about money no more. 

    and I said, ‘…well GOOD….that’s one less thing!”

  • Steve


    Look at it differently..   Basically I have never had to buy any of my Apple stuff.   I just keep buying APPLE stock and the money I am making has more than covered my APPLE products.  

    Since iPhone 1st Generation came out.  I have purchased 8 iPhone’s, 2 iPad 2’s, a MacBook Pro and an assortment of various iPods.  It wasn’t until last year that I purchased my first Mac and I have never looked back at the PC.   For years I never would buy a MAC because I didn’t want to pay for the MAC tax as they call it.  

    But once I gave it a try I would not want to give it back for anything.   So if I am an example of how an entry level iPhone gets a newbie into an ecosystem of product that eventually gets them to buy more in the same ecosystem, then APPLE has some serious upside potential. 

    Todays stock price bump is just more icing on my APPLE PIE!!!  Maybe now I can pickup a couple iMac’s once the new refresh comes out in a few weeks. :)

    GO APPLE!!!

  • Robert Ballard

    And yet… I still see the “Genius'” poo pooing Apple. Ya gotta wonder.