The Cult of Mac Super Guide To What To Expect At WWDC 2011 [Feature]


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iCloud = MobileMe: MobileMe (which launched with widescale service outages in 2009, and has been known as MobileMess every since) will be phased out and its existing services will fall under the iCloud umbrella.

Scan-and-Match Through iTunes: iCloud will be able to scan your iTunes library and sync all of your audio tracks to the cloud, no track uploads required. From there, you should be able to play them on any device through a browser, or natively on a Mac or iOS device.

iCloud Will Mirror All Your Music: All of your tracks will be available under iCloud, due to a deal with all four music labels. This means that even if your iTunes collection is full of nothing but torrented albums, they’ll still play just fine from the iCloud.

iCloud Will Integrate With Ping: This is just speculation, but we believe that iCloud’s music streaming service will integrate with Apple’s half-baked music social network, Ping, for music sharing and discovery. Ping will finally have a purpose.

No Video, Only Music Streaming: Based upon how much data you can stream on a 2GB data plan and the fact that Apple has just started trying to ink deals with Hollywood, we don’t think that iCloud will launch with video streaming support.

Price of iCloud: Like MobileMe, we anticipate that iCloud will cost $99 per year, a price which will include access to all existing MobileMe services plus music streaming.

Price of Just iCloud Streaming: For those who don’t want to sign up for all of iCloud’s services, Apple will allow you to sample the music streaming functionality for a free introductory period, after which it will cost $25 per year

Release: We expect iCloud to be available to users very, very shortly after it is announced at WWDC.

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  • Graham Stevens

    New AppleTV (A5 chip) with wireless of mirroring iPad2? 

    Think gaming, browsing etc, all on the TV??? Using the iPad/iPhone4S

  • Doug Bursnall

    Update to time capsule = wireless syncing… well maybe.

  • jordanhuxley

    MacBook Air missing … Rumors suggest it will be the one more thing …

  • brownlee

    Really good one that we forgot. Thanks! Updating.

  • Drinktofit

    nice one. but why, oh why is everything these days just about consumer stuff? any predictions on iWork ’11/’12,, Aperture 3.5, Logic Studio, or maybe MacPro? One could expect that the new OS is accompanied by new applications, right? 
    Any investigation (!) on what new features or applications within iWork could be? 
    Guys hit us with something that hasn’t been predicted over and over again by you and the other blogs. Please.

  • jacobdaniel

    “In fact, a recent Snow Leopard update made it possible to upgrade a user’s system via the Mac App Store.”

    When was this update released?  I remember reading about it, but the only update that I’ve gotten was the security patch for MacDefender. 

  • dale2000

    Oh Mr. Jobs, please separate the functions of handling all iOS devices, movies, music and even purchasing of media into different software packages.  iTunes = iBloated and the gas is killing me.

  • Swwiley

    What about applescript?!? that’s one of my favorite pieces of MacOS, I’ve been wanting on my iphone ever since I got one :/

  • TheMacAdvocate

    It’s too soon to dump the 3GS altogether. I think it’ll be thrown into the same “limited feature set” bucket that the 3G was thrown into when iOS 4 was released. Aside from the timing being about the same (the 3GS is 2 years behind iOS 5 as the 3G was 2 years behind iOS 4), AT&T is still featuring it prominently in its advertising. It just doesn’t feel like something Apple would do. 

  • Swwiley

    oh yes onemorething:

    the macbook air will be risc based, not intel based

  • Mondetrotter

    What about existing MobileMe customers that won’t expire yet. Will they just upgrade to the iCloud at no charge or pro-rated?

  • Anonymous

    No chance.

  • François-Xavier Beaulieu

    any news on new mac mini?  I want a price drop or a worthy upgrade for the same price.  

    I feel like apple should have another hardware event some products are getting outdated like the mac mini 
    iPod classic
    iPod nano

  • Mike Rathjen

    So in the name of less bloat you want to launch 14 separate applications to manage your media and sync your iDevice? No thanks.

    iTunes can definitely use some improvements, but splitting it up is not one of them. In fact, I wish iBooks would be added to iTunes.

  • Mike Rathjen

    Intel’s Sandybridge server CPUs are not ready for Mac Pro yet, so if there is an update it will be a small one such as processor speed bump, maybe more memory, bigger hard drive, faster video. MAYBE lightpeak, but probably not, since that would require redesign of the logic board, which I am sure they are saving for Sandybridge.

  • brownlee

    Agreed. Absolutely zero chance of this. In the entire world. I’ll eat my hat if it happens.

  • Mariano Iannuzzi


  • brownlee

    Agreed. iTunes needs to be rewritten from the ground up, not frickin’ split into a million apps.

  • droo

    Apple TV3

  • dale2000

    14 might be a bit extreme, I was thinking more in the ballpark of 4.

    As a case in point: Why on earth would you want to use the same interface for browsing books as you would music?  Look at how iTunes, Music and iBooks differ on iOS devices.  That’s what I want.

  • Anders

    If Apple were to release an overhauled, revamped and fully functional as part of of the iCloud launch, and release iWork ’11 for Windows as a companion, it’d open the doors to widespread enterprise adoption for Apple and effectively be a bullet between Microsoft’s eyes. I’m half expecting it, although it seems few has had the same thought so far. Maybe this’ll be this year’s One More Thing..?

  • Michael

    WHAT?! What about them kicking off the free iPod Touch/printer for students this summer? Are they not doing that promotion?

  • Mario Vega Adauy

    it´s not released yet.

  • Matthew Griffin

    There is absolutely no chance that iCloud will function as a digital locker for music. If you didn’t purchase it through iTunes, it will not be available from the cloud.

    As far as the music labels are concerned, if you didn’t purchase it from iTunes, you pirated it.

  • josh1314

    OH NO! That’s it! I’m remembering this: June 2011 – the first time the words “iOS 6” were used, along with “iPhone 5” last summer, “iPhone 4” in September 2009, and OS X 10.6 in early 2008.

  • Stephen Gibson Agnew

    You missed: Support for more than 12 apps in a folder in iOS5

  • Matt

    BTW… Surely the “tracking abilities” on OS X based computers will be called “Find My Mac”. Conversely, “Back to my Mac” already exists, has been available for years, and relates to file sharing and Screen Sharing over the Internet.

  • josh1314

    It doesn’t really need to be split up, but there is a lot of great ways Apple could do it – 1: Put iTunes store in the cloud. Sign in, and it’ll download in iTunes next time you open it up. 2: Unified app store for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, splitting that out of iTunes. 3: Separate app for iTunes and iTunes Store.

  • AustinMalherbe

    Awesome thought!

  • AustinMalherbe

    Don’t you think uploaded CD’s will fly? Or music bought from Amazon?