This Is The Most Astonishingly Realistic iPhone 4 Clone You’ll Ever See [Gallery]



One of these iPhone 4s is the real thing. The other’s a fake so good that it’s actually compatible with Apple’s own 30 pin iPhone connector, as well as its headsets. Are you savvy enough to spot the fake?

It’s the one on the left, of course, but unless you’re really familiar with the fonts and shading Apple uses, you’d never guess it at first blush from this photo (although we imagine the lack of a retina display would give it away in real life).

Just look how insane the detail on this clone is! Remember, in the pictures below, the fake is always on the left:

Astonishing, right? What some people won’t do to ride on Apple’s coat tails.

[via NoWhereElse and iPhone Download Blog]

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65 responses to “This Is The Most Astonishingly Realistic iPhone 4 Clone You’ll Ever See [Gallery]”

  1. Roberto Barreto says:

    How much does it costs?

  2. aardman says:

    I guessed right.  The giveaway for me was the detail of the icons  –finer details from the retina display.

  3. Wirehedd says:

    yes, but can it run iOS?

    …or can it play Crisis? :)

  4. Ryuokii says:

    What is the name of this clone?

  5. Bwahahahaha says:

    The fake has the old voice memo logo

  6. cheesy11 says:

    the fakes on the left right?

  7. prof_peabody says:

    I’m guessing turning it on would instantly reveal the differences. :-)  Also, it’s definitely a bit fatter than the original.  

    This was made for a quick sale in a dark alley.  It wouldn’t fool anyone in a store who actually got to hold/use it.  

  8. vincenzof says:

    Oh wow; how did you guys get Samsung’s next phone that fast? :-)

  9. Mythman163 says:

    You can clearly see the chinese on the left

  10. DrM47145 says:

    WTF???? Isn’t it easier to just buy a damn real iPhone??? 

    And as for the manufacturer, why wasting all that talent!?!?!?!?!?! Why not doing something useful with it!?!?!?!?!

  11. besweeet says:

    I sort of want to get one of those fakes…

  12. DysonApps says:

    I hear Safari is snappier

  13. Chris says:

    do you have any information about the fake iPhone ? like price and if it actually works (like for a longer period of time)

  14. Morialkar says:

    the % for the battery, the fine gradient for the dock and all those gave it for me…

  15. rondini says:

    Gonna say the one on the left, base on setting for “flight Mode” rather than 
    ‘Airplane’ mode

  16. Guest says:

    What revision is that real i4 running?  I’m on 4.2.1 (JB) and I don’t see Location Services in my top Settings window.

  17. travisgamedev says:

    Actually, I think this is the new HTC phone. Or maybe the one they’ve been selling out of the back of the warehouse for the last year. ;)

  18. Felfac says:

    The one on the left you can easily from the font and wording also the inside gives it away also the left again

  19. ? Anjo Opitz ? says:

    Where to buy?! Wanna compare it to my iPhone 4!

  20. Yasaswy Nagavolu says:

    Numbers in digital clock at the top is spaced too much.. and the retina display thing is obvious..

  21. chacalcdn says:

    Is there a sure way to see the difference?

  22. baby_Twitty says:

    But, will it blend?

  23. Mintee says:

    I’d guess at Sophone

  24. faizan says:

    And almost the same, but it is understood by the camera
    settings and menu items from the screen off, but if you do not have an
    iPhone on hand to assess any differences, they can fool you.http://


  25. Techmistry says:


  26. Richard Bao says:

    As a Chinese and based on my experience, it seems like from China (from the icon of Calendar app). Actually you can find this kind of fake iPhone very easily in China. It doesn’t run iOS. It runs Java apps. And don’t expect high performance because it is really a cheap phone but looks like a real iPhone very much! It sells less than 1,000 CNY (around 150 USD). A real iPhone 4 costs at least 5,000 CNY (around 800USD).

  27. goodie says:

    WHERE CAN THIS be purchased? or what company sells it?

  28. Admin of onlyBestGame says:

    oh my god!!!! The fake one looks almost like the original iPhone! We can’t distinguish it at all without open the casing at the back!

  29. TheTruth says:

    % for battery is easily turned on in settings on any real iphone

  30. Morialkar says:

    i know, a friend of mine, to which i shewed the picture, told me the same thing, and after looking, i found this out. I really wasn’t aware of it, even after nearly 2 years with my iOS device…

  31. Anon says:

    Proportions – typeface, spaces, everything, that’s all it’s about.

  32. JDWages says:

    Good question.  Not that I would buy the fake — heck, I don’t even own an iPhone — but the article does beg the question.

  33. Felix Huebl says:

    wie viel kostet das und wie heißt das?

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