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China Is Already Selling Cheap Android Knock-Offs Of The iPhone 5



What is a Goophone? It sounds absolutely filthy, but the Goophone i5 is the first of what will undoubtedly be many flagrant Chinese rip-offs of the upcoming design of the new sixth-generation iPhone, set to be unveiled next month. Expect to see a lot more of these going forward, but credit where credit’s due: these Chinese counterfeiters certainly have their acts together if they can steal the design of a phone that isn’t even out yet.

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Best Fake Market Finds (Android iPhone, Anyone?) From Brazil [Gallery]


The electronics stores are set up like mini-malls. @Nicole Martinelli.
The São Paulo electronics stores are set up like mini-malls. @Nicole Martinelli.

São Paulo, Brazil – The arrival of the much-awaited Brazilian iPad may be in doubt – although our trip to the Foxconn factory showed that an local iPhone is in the works – one thing is certain: there’s a huge market for gadgets here.

Brazilians pay some of the highest prices in the world for their iDevices, but many of them buy alternatives – black or gray market goods and fakes.

Commerce hub São Paulo has a whole neighborhood dedicated to selling these off-market electronic items called Santa Ifigênia, where I paid a visit with Alessandro Salvatori of Blog do iPhone.

The iPhonc Is Clever About Its Infringement



This isn’t a 3GS tarted up by Colorware, it’s the “iPhonc,” a little no-name Chinese cell phone looking to capitalize upon a bit of brand confusion with a stolen Apple logo (albeit, one with a reversed stem) and the elimination of a single stroke from the product name’s typeface.

I would be curious one day to pick the brain of one of these iPhone knock-off designers. They really are ingenious. If only they used that same ingenuity to design capable smartphones instead of dancing around trademark infringement.

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