More Than Just Photos, Apple Is Integrating Twitter Deeply Into iOS 5


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Evidence is mounting that when iOS 5 debuts at WWDC next week, it’ll feature some deep integration with microblogging service Twitter. Not only has Twitter launched a new photo sharing service just days before Apple is expected to unveil the ability to share photos via Twitter in iOS, but now blogger and tech evangelist Robert Scoble is saying that “next week will be a huge week for those of us who have lived on Twitter for the last few years.”

Citing a source who actually “built the Twitter integration into iOS 5,” Scoble said that he’s known about Twitter integration in iOS “for months now,” Scoble says that the said integration will go “a lot deeper than just photos.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that Twitter may be built into the very DNA of iOS 5. Last week, John Gruber said that sharing photos on Twitter via iOS 5 was “[s]o close to the bigger story, but yet so far. Imagine what else the system could provide if your Twitter account was a system-level service.

My guess? Apple’s going to try to take on Foursquare with iOS 5, allowing users to check-in to locations and venues with their iPhones, iPods and iPads. It would give Apple a foot in the door to social networking, but wouldn’t make the folly of directly trying to compete with the likes of Facebook.

What are your guesses? If Scoble is right and Twitter support is baked right into the DNA of iOS 5, what will it actually let you do? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • Barton Lynch

    I want facebook integrationnnnnn :(

  • prof_peabody

    I hope it’s more than just that check-in stuff and who’s the mayor of what.  That’s just plain dull (and pretty much over already from what I’ve been reading).  

  • Lost_one

    What I am listening to is a no brainer

  • Chris Malone

    I’d prefer Facebook. I don’t use Twitter.

  • Jordan Clay

    I feel that twitter is what the companies WANT us to use and they shove it at us,  Twitter is great for getting news but I don’t feel it connects us the same way Facebook does.  I prefer to get my news or talk w/ Celebrities on twitter,  but Facebook is still where all my friends lives are located 

  • Wangsx

    i use facebook on my iOS devices, but never see why should I use twitter

  • MrKevinSD

    I HATE twitter.

  • cheesy11

    noooooo aaaaaaaargh i hate twitter i love apple!

  • josh1314

    This is stupid. People use Twitter – I’m not denying it. But when the social media picks up on something popular and create this stereotype of this “Twitter-addict”, then the corporations just shove it in your face. The average iOS user doesn’t want to share every single little thing they’re doing, and if they do, they’re more than happy to simply open up their Twitter app and type something. Or is that too many freaking steps?