iOS Developers Gang Together to Fight Off Patent Troll Lodsys


"Lodsys.... come out and play-eee-ay!"

If you are Apple, you can afford to go head-to-head with patent trolls, such as Lodsys. Not so the little guys. That’s why two app makers are now encouraging developers used to competing against one another to join together to fight off common enemies.

“Villian received an infringement notice and we disagree with it,” CEO Duane Baker wrote today. The maker of such action-oriented iOS games as “Archetype” wants to hear from other developers. The goal: “pooling resources in the event of a lawsuit.” Earlier this week, the Cupertino Calif. company told developers it is “fully prepared to defend Apple’s license rights.” Unsaid was if that defense extends to individual developers.

In the letter, Apple objected to Lodsys threatening individual iOS developers, collectively known as ‘App Makers.’

Another developer, Iconfactory, is also reportedly involved in building some legal shelter for Apple app makers. Iconfactory is known for its popular Twitterrific app.

The tactic of avoiding a head-on assault against Apple likely is designed to avoid the wrath of the iPhone maker’s legal staff. Unlike some patent-infringement lawsuits, Lodsys isn’t seeking publicity from high-profile action against a well-known brand, but instead may view the network of developers as the tech giant’s soft under-belly. (Please note, this writer is not a lawyer.)

To join the developers’ effort, Villain suggests you contact

Will the tactic work? Can Apple protect its army of iOS developers? Are developers even at fault? What do you think? Let us known in the comments.