Apple Store 2.0 Goes Live With Interactive iPads & More [Breaking/Updated]



Apple Store 2.0 has launched in Australia and it looks like some of the rumors are true. The new version of the store features interactive product displays using iPads.

The iPads are used to display information about products sold in the Apple Store. You can see prices, do feature comparisons, and ask for help from a store specialist. The iPads are all running a new app, but it cannot be determined if the app is a native iOS app or a web app.

According to website Mac Prices Australia has posted photos from the updated Apple retail experience:

  • Retail stores around Australia have launched ‘Retail 2.0′ to mark the 10th anniversary of Apple Retail stores. We knew this was coming but what exactly has happened?
  • iPads display product prices & information for products.
  • iPads display product features, prices and lets you compare between models.
  • Use the iPad to ask a specialist to come to you.
  • Apple store staff appear to be wearing party hats.

You can see more photos like the one below from an Apple Store in Sydney by visiting this website.

My closest local Apple Store doesn’t open until Noon CDT and I’ll be there to check all of this out for myself. I’ll update the post later with additional information from my field trip.

Updated May 22, 20011 at 12:20 PM PDT: I visited the Apple Store at Baybrook Mall in Friendswood, Texas and I got to see Apple Store 2.0 for myself. I can see now why there wasn’t any cake or a party.

The store layout has changed severely with accessories taking the biggest hit. There were four tables set up for Personal Setup activities. There was a plethora of iPads around the store acting as mini-kiosks that pretty much replicate some of the information from Apple’s online store. The Home button on all these iPads was disabled so I wasn’t able to determine if the app running was iOS or web-based. I think it is iOS based.

You could spend time looking through the product information on the iPad and summon a sales associate when you were ready to buy or just needed more information.

[via Macstories]

  • Ben

    Why is it that Engadget and Lifehacker are starting to get stories out about Apple before CultOfMac, which is dedicated to only Apple stories. I’ve noticed it more over the last month more and more, hopefully this trend does not continue. I love CultOfMac for my Apple news, but they are starting to lose the race. Just some constructive criticism. 

  • SavedByTechnology

     Just another reason for thieves to steal.

  • SavedByTechnology

    Agreed.  And that Michael Steeber fellow, albeit with good intentions, puts out the WORST how-to videos.  The only positive posts CofM seems to put out now are the 100 Mac Tips that Giles Trumbull authors.  I always look forward to his posts.

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  • Ben

    Don’t get me started on those How-To videos. They shouldn’t be on this site, let alone on the main feed! Really, who are they meant to be for? When I got my first Mac, nothing he writes would have been of any interest. Its just so trivial. Like his video on how to save battery power; by turning down screen brightness. It’s like no sh*t Sherlock. That guy needs to write about something else, or leave the site.

  • Alexander

    Geee, I saw some other pictures of the 2.0 store. Ipads everywhere, just placed behind some cheap plastic cover. Cables all over the place. Unorganised look. Not Apple-like. Kinda amateuristic.

  • Isabella07

    this is the physical store .my [URL=”“]new iphone 4[/URL] was purchased by them. they have the online store too.


  • nthnm

     This is what everyone was so excited about in the last week? I love Apple products, but I don’t really care if they implemented a new system that seems to take some of the workload off of their employees. Next step, self checkout kiosks.

  • Steven Chaffer

     “Apple’s planning something HUGE!!!”
     “Lion’s gonna be here early this weekend!!”
     ” Goodie bags..ect!!”
    “Probably a new product launch!!”

    I’m thrilled

  • Steven Chaffer

    Dude, you totally put one in here your yourself didnt you? 

  • R_hall

     I just don’t see any of this is a big deal…..Sorry

  • cheesy11

    full interactivity, they are starting to replace workers with ipads, whatever next

  • cheesy11

    just dependent on the amount of users really, the more there is, the more updated the site is