New iPhoto ’11 Update Stops iOS Device Sync Schizophrenia



Sick of iPhoto ’11 splitting all your events into fragments when you import your iPhone photos? Version 9.1.3 is here, and should set you right.

The bug, which is well reported on Apple’s Support Communities, annoyingly resulted in iPhoto events shattering into multiple shards when importing from an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad after syncing with iTunes.

The update’s recommended for all iPhoto ’11 users. To download it, just slurp it down through Software Update, or download it directly here. Bon chance!

  • jpranger

    It should be “bonne chance”. Chance is in the feminine gender.

  • JacobRoy

    When an Aperture update to fix the same bug..?

  • RedSnow 4.3.3

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