Most People Buy The Most Expensive iPad



When it comes to the iPad, you’re either a cheapskate or a sheik. That’s the message coming out of new data published by Context, which says that most people either buy the cheapest iPad or the most expensive one.

At least in Western Europe, that is. There, Context found that more than half of all buyers would choose either the 64GB iPad 2 WiFi + 3G or the 16GB iPad 2 WiFi. You’d think the entry-level WiFi model would be the most popular, but the data doesn’t support that: 33% of all the sales Context tracked were for the 64GB 3G version.

It’s interesting, because I’d always assumed that the most popular version would be the 32GB flavor in either WiFi or 3G. It seems, though, that once you’ve mentally decided to buy an iPad to begin with, either an extra hundred bucks is a total deal breaker, or you might as well double it and pimp out your iPad to the max.

Which iPad did you get, and what logic informed your purchase? I’d be curious to hear about your reasons for which iPad model you bought in the comments.