Apple To Senate: There Is No LocationGate



As promised, Apple sent V.P. Guy Tribble to Washington to address Senator Al Franken and other stuffy politicians about the so-called LocationGate scandal.

Cupertino’s message? Same as it ever was: we don’t track user locations. Period.

“We do not share customer information with third parties without our customers’ explicit consent. Apple does not track users’ locations. Apple has never done so and has no plans to do so,” said Tribble.

Curiously, while Apple may not track users’ locations, the United States Department of Justice would like mobile providers to start, allowing the Department of Justice to attain records that would “enable law enforcement to identify a suspect’s smartphone based on the IP addresses collected by Web sites that the suspect visited.”

What’s good for the goose isn’t necessarily what’s good for the gander. Apparently, it’s only okay for the government to keep track of what you do with your smartphone, not Apple.

  • vopat

    The Security State in the US already uses users smartphone location information to track individuals. It doesn’t mean it’s okay, but to equate that corporations should have equal rights as a government is absurd.

  • Articles And Blog Reviews

    Apple should start being able to track users location using the iphone and ipad

  • randall

    It still cracks me up how the only place I’ve EVER seen the word “locationgate” is on CoM.

  • David

    Dear Apple and Google, don’t track customers. The Government hates the competition.

  • Howie Isaacks

    Al Franken is nothing but a politcal hack job. We’re facing a bad economy, high gas prices, 9% unemployment, and a budget crisis. This is all Franken cares about? I hope that the people of Minnesota are watching what their so-called senator is up to.

  • Andrew

    Oh, we are not happy about this. But would you expect anything less from the state that elected Jesse Ventura governor?