The Booqpad Agenda iPad 2 Case Is Ready for the Executive Boardroom [Review]



The Booqpad Agenda iPad 2 case from Booq is the perfect mix of past and future. It brings the futuristic technology of the iPad 2 and the old technology of pen and paper together making this the best iPad 2 case yet for note takers. It accomplishes all this in a package that is ready for the executive boardroom and beyond.

The Booqpad is a folio style case that is available in four styles. First, there are two models made from 100% recycled PET that come in Gray-Green and Sand-Plum colors that retail for $49.95. Second, one model made from a genuine Nappa leather exterior comes in Coffee-Cream and retails for $99.95. Finally, the last model the one that I am reviewing comes in black leatherette and grey and it retails for $49.95.

The case is symmetrically designed so it can be configured between right or left-handed orientation and on one side the Booqpad has room for your iPad 2 and on the other side you have room for a paper tablet, business cards, credit cards, pens, pencils, touch screen stylus, etc. If you like you can purchase a variety of paper refills in various designs and colors for $9.99 for a 3-pack of 150 sheets per pad. It ships with a blank 50-sheet A5 notepad. Although I did not try it looks to me that you could use your own paper without much difficulty. If you can find notepads that fit.

A cursory look at Amazon and Office Depot online had mixed inconclusive results. I’ve reached out to Booq for a better answer and they told me “The Booqpad can work with other notepads; it just depends on how they’re made. I would suggest taking your Booqpad (if you own one) to Staples or Office Depot and testing it out. ”

What’s Good

  • The Booqpad has a good look and feel to it. Very professional in appearance and it felt solid and sturdy.
  • The iPad 2 fit snuggly inside and I doubt that it could escape the Booqpad’s grip so as a result it should not fall out of the case.
  • The snap and strap holding the Booqpad Agenda shut closed with a solid reassuring snapping sound.
  • It’s a mix of old and new for people who like technology, but enjoy putting pen to paper to take notes.
  • It works in both right and left-handed configurations.

What’s Bad

  • The Booqpad Agenda does not allow you to use the iPad 2 camera. If you want to use the camera you’ll have to remove the iPad 2 from the case.
  • The combination of case, tablet, iPad 2, and writing accessories was a bit bulky and a little bit heavy, but not terribly so.


The Booqpad Agenda for the iPad 2 is the best blend of old and new technology in an iPad 2 case that I’ve found yet. It is sturdy and well made. It will look and function well in a variety of environments: home, school, or the executive boardroom at work and just about anything in between. Highly recommended for anyone interested in a professional looking iPad 2 case that they will want to take to work or a job interview.

[xrr rating=4.5/5] 


Model: Booqpad Agenda for iPad 2 Black-Gray
Company: Booq
Compatibility: Works with the iPad 2.
List Price: $49.95 to $99.95


Booqpad Agenda note the pockets around the edges for business cards, credit cards, pens, and pencils. The latter pocket could hold two manual writing utensils. The Booqpad Agenda allows for left or right handed configuration of the writing pad.
Booqpad Agenda closed and configured for left handed use.
Booqpad Agenda snap and strap are pretty heavy duty.


Booqpad Agenda Sleep/Wake button.
Booqpad Agenda headphone/audio jack.


Booqpad Agenda orientation lock and volume controls.
Booqpad Agenda docking port. Note: it's upside down because the case is in a left handed configuration.