White iPhone 4 Discovered With Expose-Like Multitasking, New Spotlight Search, 64GB Storage



An iPhone 4 running a “test version” of iOS has been discovered by Vietnamese site tinhte.vn, and reveals a new Expose-like multitasking UI and a revamped Spotlight search function. Two videos published by the site demonstrate these new features, along with some pretty interesting hardware in the form a white, 64GB iPhone 4.

In this test version of iOS, double-tapping the home button displays your multitasking applications in a manner similar to that of Expose on your Mac. Instead of icons for the applications you have running – like you currently see in iOS 4 – you see a preview window for each application.

At the top of the multitasking interface seems to be the new home of the Spotlight search function.


With regards to hardware, the device looks just like a white iPhone 4, except for the “XXGB” stamp on the back –indicating this is a prototype device. A quick run through the settings app shows tabs for developer, carrier, and internal settings, while digging deeper reveals the device boasts 58.2GBs of storage capacity.


Though this could simply be the result of some pretty convincing hacks, tinhte.vn has a pretty good track record of spilling the beans on some of Apple’s unreleased products. The site previously published pictures of the iPhone 4 – as well as a camera touting iPod touch prototype – before Apple announced either product.

Another sign that indicates this is a genuine Apple prototype is the presence of a game called ‘Touch Fighter’, which Apple used to demonstrate the iPhone’s accelerometer at one of its keynotes.

[via 9to5 Mac]

  • JohnDelfino

    Um. Mega Man II? On the iPhone? How is this not the biggest news of this video?

  • besweeet

    I honestly think that this is a very early iPhone 4 running a very early version of iOS 4. The way Folders and Multitasking is presented just doesn’t seem Apple-like. The Facebook icon in Settings isn’t rounded like the other ones. We’ve been seeing 64GB iPhone 4’s for quite a while now, so this isn’t anything new IMO.

  • besweeet

    This white iPhone also lacks a white dock connector and a white headphone jack, which were found on a few white iPhone 4’s that were sold internally.

  • KillianBell

    Well spotted! Also, it seems some of the icons feature an old design, such as the calculator and voice recording apps.

  • besweeet

    Ah, you’re right! Didn’t even notice those :).

  • Hey Action Games

    Thats been out for a long time man haha.

  • Supafly_Boy

    This is a lot more recent than people think. Look at the movies in his iPod library, its got Tron Legacy and Tangled in it. Both are fairly recent movies. This is probably just an early build of iOS 5 for internal use only, some how this leaked out.

  • JonathanRWegner

    Agree with besweet — the way multitasking runs in this demo just doesn’t smack of Apple — it simply looks inelegant. The way multitask switching currently works is far more aesthetic utilising the icons in the bottom slider and far cleaner.