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Steve Jobs Authorized Biography Scheduled for 2012 Release



Simon & Schuster announced on Sunday that the authorized biography of Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been scheduled for an early 2012 release. The book entitled iSteve: The Book of Jobs is being written by Walter Isaacson, who has been working on the biography since 2009 and has enjoyed rare and exclusive interviews with Jobs, members of his family, and his colleagues at Apple.

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Though there are already a number of biographies about Jobs, none of them are official. One of the most famous, called iCon, was pulled from Apple stores shortly after its arrival because of the way in which it portrayed the hugely respected CEO.

Isaacson, who is a former Time managing editor, has previously written biographies about Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin – and is known write impartial but bestselling profiles.

Jobs’ decision to agree to an authorized biography has been a surprise to many, as the Apple co-founder is renowned for being secretive about his personal life.

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