Clever Kickstarter Case Seeks Backers – Will You Buy One?



Joey Chun had an idea, and the idea was this: a cute iPhone stand with a sturdy fold-out arm, so you can use it as a viewing stand, or to keep your device still while recording video and taking photos.

The 3D printed prototype is now up at Kickstarter under the name “”, and Joey is looking for backers. He needs to raise $19,000 to turn the prototype into a finished product.

What I like about his design is its simplicity. There are moving parts, and yet there are no moving parts. The arm is removable, yet slots into place with ease. There’s a simple harmony between the plastic hinge and the click-to-move notches that makes it very appealing.

The first half of the intro video is slickly made, but doesn’t show you the finished design. Take a little time to see the second half too, which shows the 3GS version of the design in much more detail.

  • elminno

    Oh yeah, that’s a great idea! Just the world needs. Another kickstand case for the iPhone. Although I’m sure this one will be different.

  • Chris

    this look like the perfect case for the iPhone 4 regarding the adequate design

  • Matthew Geyster

    Im not a fan.

  • randall

    The whole reason I bought my Incase snap case was for the minimalistic design, and this is about twice the size of my current case.
    I really, really like the idea, just not too big of a fan of the size.

  • ogre

    throw up it up over on and see if it’ll play