Look Ma: No Hands with this iPad stand


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The iPad, great for reading while lounging in bed or hanging out on the couch, gets a new hands-free option with this cool stand.

Called Hanfree, the prototype is drumming up support on Kickstarter and hopes to retail in May for $79.

The design, which reminds us of the classic Arco lamp, features a clear case, stainless steel neck and sturdy acrylic base.


You can rotate from landscape to portrait mode easily, thanks to a ball and socket joint on the neck.  The stand is lightweight, making it easy to move from kitchen to couch to bedroom. Versions for the iPad and iPad 2 will be available.

We found out about it because creators Seth Quest Seth Quest and Juan Cespedes made the prototype here in San Francisco at collective geek garage TechShop. (It may be the first gadget to come out of the recently-opened SF shop, the San Mateo branch gave birth to iPhone payment system Square, among other things).

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