How To Create A Website In iWeb [Video How-To]



Creating your own personal website can be a fun way to share pictures, videos, and more with friends, family, and the world. Apple includes an Application on every Mac for this very purpose called iWeb. In this video you will learn how to create a basic website in iWeb.

  • tiresius

    Not that I have any need or desire for iWeb, but do think you might want to modify this statement:
    “Apple includes an Application on every Mac for this very purpose called iWeb.”

    Definitely not on my Mac. Do you want to say something like “every Mac released after 20XX” or “every Mac with iYYYY installed after 20FF”?

  • 473

    great tutorial!!..but does anyone know a free or cheap way to a get the website on the internet it self?

  • Marek Valasik

    “every Mac that has been packed with a copy of iLife, because iWeb is part of the iLife bundle” so you should check your Mac’s box if there’s somewhere an install disc with Application DIsc on it, or something like that…

  • Bob Forsberg

    Excellent tutorial Michael. Apple should comp you with something for your professional work and ease of understanding your presentation.

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  • Kirksmillscrafts

    I used iWeb and love it!

  • keshav123

    how do i make a comment box like how it has been provided here…someone please help…please..