Mac Studio hides under Studio Display-laden desk [Setups]


Where's the Mac Studio to go with those Studio Displays? Under the desk.
Where's the Mac Studio to go with those Studio Displays? Under the desk.

On Friday we mentioned dual-Studio Display setups seem relatively rare, but now we can hardly glance at social media without seeing one, or even several.

Today’s featured Mac Studio setup fits the bill with two Studio Display perched on 3D-printed stands. You can’t see the computer in the photo above. That’s because it’s mounted under the standing desk.

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Mac Studio hides under desk showing off dual Studio Displays

Designer and Redditor MrBone66 (“Bone”) showcased the handsome setup in a post entitled, “Another dual Studio Display setup with under desk Mac Studio.”

Friday’s Setups post went on about how popular multi-display setups are, though we don’t see tons of dual-Studio Display workstations because Apple’s less-expensive monitor is still too pricey to double up on for most people. But not for all people, obviously.

In Bone’s setup, a commenter admired his 10-year-old old Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers and also asked about the stands under the Studio Displays. “Did you 3D print those stands for the Studio Displays?” they asked.

3D-printed display risers

Bone likes the way Mac Studio looks, so he's torn about mounting it under the desk. But he also likes the clean desktop.
Bone likes the way Mac Studio looks, so he’s torn about mounting it under the desk. But he also likes the clean desktop.

Yes, Bone did, in fact, use his Prusa MK3s 3D printer — not shown, but he highly recommends it — to make the risers. They sit on a standing desk with a DIY dark-wood top.

“I did 3D-print little risers for each display,” Bone said. “The displays are already expensive and couldn’t bring myself to pay even more for the adjustable stands. [Especially] when you have a 3D printer. I like it cuz it gives little storage area under them. One side has my Logitech mouse for 3D modeling and the other is my AirPod charger.”

Another person asked him to share his 3D model files, because his “solution is a lot cleaner than just stacking books or a bunch of hockey pucks (which is what I did LOL).”

So Bone offered the Mac Studio Riser 3D Print model he used, saying it fit the stands perfectly, though the site offers other options, as well.

Where to find deals on Studio Display

The mere mention of expense spurred a discussion of how to get deals on Studio Displays.

“Is there any way we can get discounts on Studio Displays?” a frustrated person asked. “How can people afford two? I use three monitors but they cost $500 total.”

Commenters jumped in to recommend Amazon, which sometimes runs discounts on the monitor, often between $150 and $300 off. Another person suggested EBay, where they said they found a Studio Display for $1,000 (rather than the usual $1,600).

Second Studio Display is justified

Bone sympathized with all the concerns over costs.

“I originally had a 2019 iMac with the Studio Display. And when I upgraded to the Mac Studio, I couldn’t bring myself to get a monitor that wasn’t comparable to the iMac,” he said. “I definitely didn’t buy them both at the same time, so I was able to save up to make it more palatable.”

And here’s more on why he has two Studio Displays and how he uses them:

I’m a designer that does mostly websites and apps and some print. It definitely helps with my work. At least that’s how I justify the cost to myself. But I must admit, I use one primarily to design, and the other, just to browse the web or watch YouTube. Once [you’re] used to such a nice picture, it’s hard to go back.

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This view shows off the artwork and you can see a bit more under the desk.
This view shows off the artwork and you can see a bit more under the desk. The Mac Studio peeks out on the left.


Display and risers:

Input devices:

3D printer:



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