Why buy a Touch ID keyboard when you can do this? [Setups]


This user is considering a Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, but alternative came up.
This user of this setup was considering a Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, but an alternative came up.
Photo: Ajseps@Reddit.com

Social media is a great place to get ideas for gear to include in your computer setup — or to skip in favor of doing things another way. There are usually other ways to do things, as today’s M2 MacBook Pro user found out regarding password entry and any “need” for a keyboard with Touch ID.

And if you’re into video editing, check out the user’s cool gear — a PlusTek AI film scanner and a Loupedeck+ photo and video editing console with massive programmability.

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M2 MacBook Pro setup user considers Touch ID keyboard, USB-C dock and other possibilities

Redditor Ajseps showcased the setup in a post entitled, “Setup almost complete.”

He runs an M2 Pro MacBook Pro on a vertical stand — in clamshell mode — and uses it to drive a Studio Display. His input devices are also straight-up Apple, a Magic Keyboard mini and a Magic Mouse 2.

With his “Setup almost complete” title, he may or may not actually believe setups can ever be complete (rather than a perpetual work in progress). But he seemed to be talking about a couple of possible imminent moves.

Magic Keyboard with Touch ID?

“Haven’t decided if I want to swap out the keyboard for the one with Touch ID,” he said. And it turned into a discussion about whether you need that keyboard for easy password entry — or not.

“Definitely go for the Touch ID keyboard!” a commenter enthused. “It’s a game changer vs having to type in your password all the time.”

“Or an Apple Watch,” pointed out another commenter. You can press a key to wake the keyboard and your Apple Watch, if you have one, will unlock your Mac for you. See item 6 in this handy how-to article.

“Orrrrr hear me out,” added a third. “Set a key as a macro for the password.” In other words, you can program a keyboard key to enter the password when you press it.

USB-C docking station?

On another subject, the idea of a docking station also came up to sort the cable clutter and maintain proper connectivity with and power to peripherals.

But some folks pointed out the display might be enough of a USB-C hub to handle Ajseps needs. But if not — depending on his peripherals’ power needs — typical recommendations of hubs by CalDigit and OWC flew around.

One commenter put all the recommendations together, with context:

dock that laptop! rid your sight of cables ! or use the Studio’s thunderbolt

I would put the lap on stand actually to get more display, and to not have to have to purchase a new keyboard just for Touch ID. Or purchase an Apple Watch: I press a key to wake my laptop and the Apple Watch unlocks it. Same for couple other things in MacOS

Get a real magsafe stand so you can just pick up your iPhone or AirPods or watch (and it’s one less cable. This is one of the ones I have. It’s better than the most expensive one because it has USB C, and can incline/decline the phone from vertical to almost horizon AND you don’t have to see the Apple Watch’s bracelet dangle around: your desk stays sleek to the eye

The laptop stand I chose: here. I chose that one because whatever I put below, I don’t have to see it. Also, sometimes I need to charge faster than magsafe allows so there’s a lighting cable hidden there thanks to the hole in the back

Cool video-editing gear

While Ajseps keeps AirPods Max in the mix, the cooler side of his AV mix comes on the V side.

For working with video, he runs a PlusTek OpticFilm AI film scanner. It converts 35mm film and slides into digital files and lets him work with them using specialized software.

Along with that he uses a Loupedeck+ photo and video editing console. It’s designed to be intuitive so beginners can handle it and professionals can get what they need, too.

The console includes four layers of programmable buttons and dials you can program for different commands using different applications.

Loupdeck+ has native supports for Adobe Lightroom Classic, Capture One Pro for MacOS, Photoshop with Camera Raw, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Final Cut Pro, Illustrator, Ableton Live, Spotify Premium, OBS, Streamlabs for Windows, Twitch, vMix, Philips Hue and Operating System Control.

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This is a programmable photo and video editing console for Lightroom Classic, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop with Camera Raw, After Effects, Audition and more.

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