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The monitors are 1080p rather than 4K or above, but it's quite a good-looking Mac mini setup.
The monitors are 1080p rather than 4K or above, but it's quite a good-looking Mac mini setup.

We know from social media that folks love checking out others’ computer setups. But is it really the headlining hardware they’re after, like the flashiest MacBook Pro or brilliant display? Not always. Sometimes it’s the small stuff they want.

With today’s Mac mini setup with a pair of 1080p displays, people were most curious about a standing desk, a cable-management raceway and a desk organizer. You can find everything in the gear list below.

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Sometimes the small accessories really make the computer setup

Redditor Hot_Jellyfish_2934 (“HJ”) showcased the smart-looking setup in a post entitled, “Changed up my desktop.” On his Flexispot standing desk with Ikea Bekant tabletop, his Mac mini drives two 1080p displays. They are a 27-inch Lenovo L27e in landscape mode and a 24-inch HP in portrait mode. He swaps out screen use with a pair of HP laptops from work.

The desk situation could be better. “It’s great, the top has a bit of a sag in the middle but not actually too noticeable,” he said. “It is a bit of an issue for me, this table top [isn’t] as thick as my old one, so I put it down to that … would be much better if it didn’t.”

The Lenovo display carries a monitor light to illuminate the desktop while a Philips Hue Play bar mounted on the wall casts an appealing glow on the wall.

His input devices are somewhat unusual models from extremely familiar brands. He types on a Keychron K4 mechanical keyboard. His mouse is a Logitech G903 Lightspeed wireless gaming mouse.

Useful cable-management and organizer accessories

Top-notch cable management takes place under the desk thanks to double-sided gel tape.
Top-notch cable management takes place under the desk thanks to double-sided gel tape.

Sometimes the smaller accessories are what catches commenters’ attention. As in, they put all their focus on the incidental items they can easily add to their own setups at little expense.

“What are the cables contained in that’s in the bottom left corner of the image?” asked a commenter. “This is the second time I’ve seen that in a picture that’s been posted. That’s really neat and I’d like to get one!”

“It’s a cable spine from Amazon, it’s got my extension cord wire and the wire for my lamp,” HJ replied. “It’s really good, it looked terrible before I got that.”

And not only does he use the spine, he used double-sided gel tape to attach various elements to the underside of his desk, hiding his cables brilliantly. 

And another person asked, “What are the deets on that cork organizer you have your glasses on?”

“It’s the Muuto Arrange desk tray and lid!” HJ said. “I keep my Apple Watch straps inside it.”

And if you like the desktop wallpaper showing on the display, you can get it here.

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