See, not everyone hates Magic Mouse [Setups]


A lot of people hate Magic Mouse. But commenters on this setup sang its praises.
A lot of people hate Magic Mouse. But commenters on this setup sang its praises.

Our travels online among computer setups show that a great many Apple users don’t choose Magic Mouse — and many even detest it. So they select popular products from Logitech and other makers. But some people, like graphic designers, passionately defend Apple’s sleek and slippery mouse, and today’s featured MacBook Pro-and-custom-PC setup is a testament to that. Long live Magic Mouse!

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M1 MacBook Pro and custom PC setup brings the love for Magic Mouse

Graphic designer and Redditor N99Nassim showed off his Mac-and-PC setup in a post entitled, “Help & Advice for a Graphic Designer Setup.”

He runs a 2020 M1 MacBook Pro (16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) and a custom PC (Ryzen 7 3700X, 16GB RAM, 3200mHz, RTX 2060Super) driving a 27-inch Dell 1080p monitor, along with a Logitech K235 wireless keyboard and a vertical wireless mouse.

“I work on both machines, and I have found that the MacBook is faster and more fluid on the Adobe suite, when I work on the desktop PC I am always anxious because I experience a lot of freezes and lags, so I intend to sell both machines and take a MacBook Pro 2021 M1 Pro 32GB,” he said. “I’m a graphic designer and I’d like some advice and suggestions on the peripherals and accessories I’ll need.”

As always, Redditors obliged the request. Commenters argued over whether a 4K (or 5K) monitor should replace the 1080p display, with some suggesting something from the Dell UltraSharp or Asus Pro Art lines. Another recommended an M2 Mac mini with base specs instead of a new MacBook.

Maybe a Magic Keyboard and especially a Magic Mouse?

But one commenter went another direction, focusing most of their attention on Apple’s much-disliked Magic Mouse and engaging in a vigorous defense of it, with support.

“One recommendation that I have would be an Apple Magic Mouse and maybe a Magic Keyboard. The keyboard might be optional especially since you have a MacBook, but I couldn’t imagine not primarily using a Magic Mouse,” they said. “The touch gestures are amazing to have and is probably the key reason why I prefer my Mac over PC for graphic design, or really just about everything outside of gaming.”

“He’s a graphic designer. Magic Mouse is going to kill his wrist,” another commenter snapped.

“I’ve been a professional graphic designer for 10+ years now — no, it’s not,” shot back the mouse guy. “To each his own I guess; it’ll just kill efficiency and convenience.” He also touted Magic Mouse 2 as an upgrade over Magic Mouse, because it’s lighter and rechargeable.

Another commenter agreed and brought up a key pro tip — the finger-grip way of holding Magic Mouse to enable gesturing — as well as a way to adjust its sensitivity:

I agree 100% with your perspective. The Magic Mouse is amazing and irreplaceable for creative work, specifically in Adobe apps with an artboard, and just general gestures in macOS (eg. swiping Spaces left and right). I have several conventional mice but they take away that sensory feel of the trackpad-like surface. The issue is people palm it and then hate it, never adapting a finger-grip way of holding it where the thumb is on the left, pinky and ring finger on the right, which frees the index and middle to perform gestures.

It’s a shame that people can’t adapt to what is, I think, a superior mouse (unless gaming). I will say its one flaw, for me, is that the top is too sensitive where my fingers may rest, so I use Scroll 2 to disable the top of the mouse.

And if you like the subtle desktop wallpaper showing on the displays, you can find it here.

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