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Under-desk mount keeps pesky Mac mini out of the way [Setups]


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In the "after" shot, the desk is a little more clear because the M1 Mac mini is nowhere to be seen.
Photo: naked-na-sandali12@Reddit.com

There’s much to be said for hiding stuff under your desk. And we don’t mean cramming it down there like you shove junk under your bed. We mean mounting it properly out of sight. It gets said stuff — computers, docks, cables — off the desktop for a cleaner look to your setup, not to mention a more-efficient workspace.

Today’s featured setup uses an inexpensive acrylic mount to stash an M1 Mac mini and connected cables under the desk. Below you can see images of the mount itself as well the “before” shot of the setup. The “after” shot appears above.

Inexpensive acrylic under-desk mount hides M1 Mac mini in setup

Redditor nakaw-na-sandali12 (“Nak”) showcased the tidied-up setup in a post entitled, “Before and after mount drill.”

The difference between the “before” and “after” shots is not jaw-dropping, by any means. But this is a simple example of setup management that makes space on the desk and clears up cable clutter.

Nak runs an M1 Mac mini along with a pair of 27-inch Asus 4K displays on a dual VESA mount. Having the two displays on one mount — one in landscape mode and one in portrait mode — already helps keep the items taking up space on the desk to a minimum. Stashing the Mac mini and attached cables helps even more.

And keeping the mini under the desk most likely isn’t much of a hassle. Nak probably rarely has to restart the machine. So it sleeps when it sleeps and it runs when it runs. And it’s never in the way. He identified the maker of the acrylic mount, which is likely also usable as a wall mount, as Shopee.

As for input devices, Nak uses a Rakk Lam Ang wireless mechanical keyboard with Akko keycaps and a Rakk Kaptan gaming mouse.

Acrylic under-desk mount is a simple fix but not for everyone

The Mac mini and its cables aren't cluttering up the desk, they're hidden beneath it.
The Mac mini and its cables aren’t cluttering up the desk, they’re hidden beneath it.
Photo: naked-na-sandali12@Reddit.com

But one commenter described their doubts about having mounted their Mac mini in the same way. Here’s what they said when they asked if Nak preferred mounting or not mounting:

Which one do you like more? I have mine also mounted underneath the desk and sometimes think [of] putting it again on the desk. I [added] a desk shelf similar to Grovemade and from time to time think about putting the mini in one of the [compartments] of the desk shelf.

My main arguments against having it mounted are mostly when I have to power it on/off or when I have to plug/unplug anything. Rest of the time, the space is yours.

“I prefer undermount,” Nak replied. “My desk gets cleaner and more decluttered. Power button is reachable when seated so no issues for me.”

The mount’s lightweight acrylic cage features a lining to keep from scratching the mini. You simply fasten the mount to a desk or wall with screws. The computer slides in and out easily.

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In the "before" shot, the M1 Mac mini has yet to hide under the desk in an acrylic mount.
In the “before” shot, the M1 Mac mini and the cables leading to it have yet to hide under the desk in an acrylic mount.
Photo: naked-na-sandali12@Reddit.com

Computer and mount:


Display mount and light:

Input devices:

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