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Can you get work done while using an under-desk treadmill? [Setups]


Two items that set this setup apart are the iPad stand and the elevated Edifier speakers.
Two items that set this setup apart are the iPad stand and the elevated Edifier speakers.

When you spend loads of time at a desk, it’s natural to wonder how you might remain chained to it but still somehow get exercise. That’s why under-desk treadmills exist, of course. But can you really get things done while walking in place?

Today’s featured M1 MacBook Pro setup answers the question and offers up a couple of other tantalizing tidbits, like a killer iPad stand and affordable bookshelf speakers with isolation pads.

Standing desk and under-desk treadmill

Redditor ashgotti, a product manager for a software company, discussed their folding, under-desk treadmill and standing desk in a post titled, “My M1 standing desk WFH setup with iPad for quick email and calendar view.”

First, they’re big fans of their Ikea Bekant standing desk.

“It’s great,” they said. “I stand the majority of the time but do sit to take breaks. I also have a folding, walking treadmill that fits nicely under it.”

A commenter asked the obvious question.

“Does the walking treadmill impact your work at all?” they inquired. “Not sure what you do for work, but I’m not sure if I could walk and effectively write code at the same time. I see a lot of people use them though so I’m hoping I’m wrong. And I suppose you don’t have to walk all the time.”

Ash answered in the way you might expect. You can work while walking, but you can’t do everything.

“I use it mostly when I’m watching meeting recordings or courses I take, catching up on emails in the morning,” they said. “I have written and walked too, it was OK but it felt like I was doing too much at once.”

iPad stand and holder

Ashgotti also rocks a pretty cool iPad stand and holder by Tounee. The vertical stand is height-adjustable and features 360 degree rotation of virtually any tablet in portrait or landscape mode.

That makes it perfect for quick looks at email and the calendar. But it’s not perfect.

“I would have preferred if it was magnetic,” Ash said.

Still, it’s a useful stand at an affordable price point: $24.

Edifier speakers and isolation pads

Another commenter asked about the sound quality provided by Ash’s Edifier bookshelf speakers asked about the brand. Edifier is a Chinese company that makes an array of well-regarded but affordable speakers, headphones and earbuds.

“They’re Edifier R1280T. They’re fantastic. I got them refurbished so they are great value,” Ash said. You can get them new for about $100 a pair.

Another commenter asked what Ash uses to “prop up” the speakers. In the photograph, you can see they sit at an angle on the desk, pointing slightly upward.

Ash replied with an Amazon link to SS5 Studio Monitor Isolation Pads. You see, it’s not just about “propping up” speakers. It’s mainly about isolating the sound of the speakers by getting them a bit off the desk/bookshelf.

That prompted another commenter to advise against “wedges” like the pad above and instead go for stands. They recommended adjustable IsoAcoustics ISO-130 Isolation Stands.

“Don’t get wedges at all,” said the commenter. “Try these stands from IsoAcoustics. It’s the biggest upgrade you can make to your monitoring without getting new monitors.”

There are many similar products that do the same thing. The stands above go for about $90, but there are cheaper options. See more gear in Ash’s setup at the links below.

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